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Would you recommend a scooter or a Honda CB125 and, if the latter, which variant would you suggest? I'd use the bike for a daily 60-mile commute which includes both motorway and central London.
I’m changing jobs shortly and that will require me to commute to Birmingham from my home in Kent (approx 150 miles each way) at least once occasionally twice a week. I’m looking for an economical hatchback...
I commute at least 80 miles a day but only drive an automatic. My budget is £6500. What is the most economical car in my budget?
I'm looking at replacing our current car for a nice, fuel-efficient car for our daily commute. Currently, I drive a 140-mile round trip every working day so looking for something that's frugal, yet isn’t...
My son's insurance company says travelling to college is commuting. Is this true?
I am looking for a small car for my daily commute, which is about 1200 miles a month. Can you please suggest a suitable care for that for not more than £12,000?
I am looking for a car for my daily commute which will cover approximately 15,000 miles a year. I am looking for a cheap car to run, something that won't give me hassle and would keep its value if I do...
My new commute has me travelling 16 miles each way per day - 8 miles of A/B roads and 8 miles of motorway, around 8k miles per year. My 2008 Focus 1.8 petrol with 105k is struggling to manage 30mpg so...
I do 108 miles per day to get to work with a 1.2-litre petrol car and I am thinking of swapping for something more economical? Is diesel or Hybrid the best economical option?
I commute from Leamington Spa to Oxford each day. This is a mix of motorway (M40) and Oxford stop start traffic. I have been driving an Octavia 1.6 diesel. Would I be better to get a hybrid?

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