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I need help to decide what car to buy. I'm looking a premium hatchback to buy for business and personal use, circa 16k miles per year. Looking at a second hand car no more than 5 years old for £13-20k....
I am working away from home, about 130 mile commute one-way that I do one round trip a week. Based on your website I bought a 2015 Honda Civic. I absolutely love it. Fun, sporty and great on the consumption...
I have a Toyota BZ4x with one pedal driving. Should this be used on a motorway or dual carriageway? When I switch it on I can feel a retardation which presumably would effect power consumption.
Our weather is frequently blamed for causing many of the potholes we're currently subjected to. If that is the case, why do motorways not suffer similarly especially with the high volume of traffic?
My grandson commutes 64 miles each day on mostly motorways. He has a 2016 Toyota Yaris petrol with 44,000 miles on the clock. Would you advise him to change to a small diesel car or to stick with the Yaris?...
Are smart motorway speed cameras always switched on?
I have been a diesel car driver covering around 30,000 per year for the last 10 years and would like to add my two pence to the conversation. Along the A1, the cheapest fuel I have found is at Tesco Huntington,...
I travel more than 20,000 miles per annum on a motorway. What is a GDI engine? How does it compare to other 1.4 i20s and diesel CRDi for fuel economy and reliability?
Can you recommend a small car for a young man starting his first job? He has daily commute between Glasgow and Edinburgh. He will cover approx 18,000 miles and has a budget of around £10,000. Should he...
What is a 1.2 Ford Fiesta 2013 like on the motorway?

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