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My sister is concerned about the amount of complex electronics in todays cars, she's now looking for a newer car but is worried that she'll have to adjust electric steering on the dashboard for different...
I own a Ford Kuga Titanium PHEV. Is it cheaper to charge the battery at a commercial charge point or by charging it using the petrol engine?
Is there any way of increasing the indicator volume on the Jaguar F-Pace as mine are very quiet? More like non existent.
If l am reversing from a clear road into my driveway - a car speeds up while l am in the process of turning my vehicle into the driveway who has right of way at this point? I am half turned into a drive...
I have a 2016 Ford Ka + but don't fully understand how 'Hill Start Assist' works, being reluctant to release the handbrake on a hill before increasing revs and engaging the clutch.
With the advent of the electric parking brake I found myself wondering how to decelerate a car if one is a front-seat passenger and the driver becomes incapacitated. Steering the car should continue to...
I've just purchased a 72-plate Kia Picanto GT Line S. Do modern cars still have automatic chokes? My immediate area has 30mph camera controlled restrictions and I can poodle along in 5th but on the level...
I have a 71 plate Honda Jazz Hybrid. Sometimes it seems to over rev. It can be quite off putting. Have you heard of this?
Can you advise me if 'Speed Tubes' actually accurately measure the speed of vehicles passing over them?
Is there any way to find a route from Bookham Surrey to Newcastle upon Tyne which avoids all the SMART suicidal motorways ?

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