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I have a 2022 Vauxhall Grandland SRi. I understand that as of April 2018 all vehicles manufactured after this date must be fitted with a SOS button by law. As my car is not fitted with this I spoke to...
I have had my car MoT'd 3 weeks earlier than the expiry date of current certificate, unfortunately the car failed its test. Can I legally drive the car for the next 3 weeks until current certificate expires?
We purchased a used BMW X5 from Vines in Redhill. The car already had a detachable tow bar attached. BMW didnt supply the key for it so we never removed it. We used the tow bar for the first time after...
I have been supplied with a hire car by my employer for work, which was previously used by another employee. It has a front fog lamp with a broken glass cover. The bulb still works but is is legal to...
I bought a van a year ago with an MoT. I went to renew the MoT and was told that it has different VIN Numbers. Where do I stand to give it back?
I bought a car with delivery miles on it in July last year, I have tried trading it in and been told its an import, what are my rights?
The same person keeps parking day and night on my driveway and I can't get my car in.
Some local authorities are proposing that drivers will be given penalty notices for exceeding 20mph limit by as little as one mile per hour. Does this match the level of accuracy of speedometers? I thought...
I live in Scotland and sold a car privately to someone from England, the new owner later sent me a text to say it was running fine after he had done a few miles. He then put different wheels on and other...
I bought a 2014 Skoda Citigo (22,000 miles on clock). The clutch failed after 3 weeks of owning it. The clutch plate is shredded. Dealer is claiming it's 'fair wear and tear'. Should they pay for a replacement?

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