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Most recently answered road tax questions
My cars MoT is due in April with the tax due 1 May. If the country is on lockdown, what will be the situation regarding tax, MoT and insurance?
Have there been any rumours or suggestions that road tax will not be required now that travel is restricted to food shopping for the majority of us. The rest of the time, cars will sit idle.
We are looking to buy a new/nearly new car and have tested a Peugeot 5008 over the weekend. The dealer mentioned something about people buying cars now because from April the road tax will change due to...
What is the cost of the road tax for our Volkswagen camper?
On selling an almost new car, what refund should the DVLA give? The normal cost or the first-year road tax inflated amount?
Can the DVLA legally clamp an untaxed and SORN-less car parked on private land?
Why has my monthly road tax suddenly increased by a pound or two?
Having recently purchased a Morgan Roadster I have been hit with the £40K+ VED supplement of £320 making a total VED of £465 for this year. If I SORN the vehicle over winter, will I save on the £320 annual...
I have an MGB Roadster - registration JSA 189G - can you tell me when my car becomes tax exempt?
I recently bought a used runabout from a trader. It came with a valid MoT, but no V5. Therefore, we could not tax it as it's registered in another name. It's just sat on our drive and the seller won't...

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