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Most recently answered road tax questions
Am I allowed to apply for a lower car tax as my car produces a low level of emissions. Currently I have to pay £325 as the car is pre-2001.
Is there anywhere to find out how much road tax is for a second hand nearly new car before l buy? This will influence what l can afford and help me with my search.
I own a 2013 5 door Suzuki Swift and road tax is supposed to be £35 per year, yet I'm being charged £150. Many cars in the Suzuki range have the same 1242cc engine but are also £35 per year, am I being...
I have a 2020 (August) BMW X1 M Sport, I am currently paying £570.00 per annum road tax. I understand that the excise duty is higher for vehicles over £40,000 when new, however when will the cost fall,...
I have a Volvo XC40 phev and the road tax is £550 per year. Is it worth my while to SORN it for a complete month when it is locked in my garage while l am on holiday?
I have a 2013 BMW M6 and pay over £600 in VED but the 2018 model with same emission is £180? Seems a bit unreasonable.
I ordered a new car in January 2022. It was delivered in February 2023 and is now in a higher tax bracket. Can I dispute it?
I taxed my new (to me, but second hand) car for 12 months from 28.3.2022, but the DVLA reminder is telling me that it expires and needs renewing from 28.2.2023. Why am I only getting 11 months' tax?
My wife is the registered keeper of our car, she has received adult disability benefit from September last year. How does she claim for exemption from the road tax?
I'm looking to buy a used car and want to avoid the £40,000 premium car rate. How can I check if a car was over £40,000 when it was new?

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