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My MOT is due on 4 May and I understand I will get a 6 month extension. However, when I check the Gov website, the date hasn't been extended. If I don't get my car MOT'd by 4 May and the date hasn't been...
My car has been SORN'd and off the road for the last three years or so. I now intend to put it back on the road but it has no tax. Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, can I drive it?
Car MoTs are suspended for six months. How do we tax the car without a current MOT? I cannot see it covered on the website or find it online.
I am 78 years old and for the next 12 weeks will be in isolation. My car will be garaged and not driven in those weeks. Where do I stand with regards to my insurance and car tax if it is not being used?
My cars MoT is due in April with the tax due 1 May. If the country is on lockdown, what will be the situation regarding tax, MoT and insurance?
Have there been any rumours or suggestions that road tax will not be required now that travel is restricted to food shopping for the majority of us. The rest of the time, cars will sit idle.
My car is SORN'd, as it's no longer in use, pending a sale. Can it be taken on a short test drive without having to tax it for a whole month. If so, would my insurance still be valid?
We are looking to buy a new/nearly new car and have tested a Peugeot 5008 over the weekend. The dealer mentioned something about people buying cars now because from April the road tax will change due to...
My wife got free car tax when she got PIP when she had her private car. She now has a car on the Mobility scheme. Can we use her entitlement for free road tax on our other car that she has use of?
After 40 years vehicles are exempt from road fund tax? Is the 40 years from the date of manufacture or the date of registration?

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