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Can my SORN'd, uninsured car be driven to it's pre-booked MOT by the garage proprietor/MOT tester using his own insurance?
Are there any specific car insurances for sorned cars which allow me to keep my no claim discounts?
I live in Enfield where i have to pay ULEZ. Vehicle is currently off road declared SORN, however I want to get the vehicle back on road in a month or two. I covered only 200 miles a year prior to ULEZ. I...
I have a Volvo XC40 phev and the road tax is £550 per year. Is it worth my while to SORN it for a complete month when it is locked in my garage while l am on holiday?
I have the opportunity to have a car from a family friend, this car is 06 number plate has been sitting in a drive for two years with a SORN. My problem is that I am hesitant to take ownership of this...
My car is on SORN. If I take it for an MoT and it passes, do I need to tax it immediately or can I leave it on SORN and tax it later in the year?
My granddad passed away this week and going through photos of him I found a picture of his old BMW. According to DVLA the V5C was last issued in July 2007 but it hasn’t been taxed or had an MoT since November...
I intend to SORN my car from the beginning of December. How late can I leave the declaration in order to receive a refund from 1 December?
Since the beginning of the pandemic I have not been home to Wales. I am going again in September for 3 weeks. What do I need to have done to check the car is in safe nick to drive after all this time?...
My car has been laid up on the drive for three months because I have been in hospital. I have now been discharged but am not allowed to drive. We are heading for the worst weather of the winter, probably,...

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