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My 2013 Volvo V40 offside daytime running light is out - would this be an MoT fail?
My car failed its MoT with a "do not drive until repaired" instruction due to a bulge on the inner wall of the nearside rear tyre. I have no dispute with the finding and immediately had the tyre replaced....
My 2010 Hyundai ix35 has indicators in the door mirrors. One has failed. Does this mean that the car will fail its next MoT?
Is the high level braking light part of the MoT test? I have read somewhere that if it is fitted it must work. Mine has stopped working and I cannot find out why. If I remove it completely as long as the...
My car has failed its MoT as there is only one rear fog light working. Does my Rover 75 have one or two rear fog lights?
I will be returning to UK after four months in Spain. My MoT has expired while away. Can I drive my car home from Dover without an MoT?
Is the third brake light at the rear part of the MoT?
I took my car in for an MoT one month before it was due. My question is if the car fails its MoT can I drive it home to repair it and then return it back to the garage?
I purchased a van with four months MoT. The history shows that it failed its MoT in 2017 due to lots of welding being required. In 2018 an MoT was issued with no advisories but today I took the van to...
My motorbike was hit by a can on the parking bay and the damage was only cosmetic (a few scratches). However, after requesting an estimate for the repair, due to the high cost, the other insurer decided...

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