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My car a 2002 Mercedes SL500 was stolen and crashed so I bought a salvage bumper and it fitted perfectly but the old spot lights didn't fit at all do you know what year Mercedes changed the spotlights...
I have a Citroen DS, first registered 01-01-18. It went in for a service and MOT today and the front fog lights and running lights had no power. The garage said it could not pass the MOT until these were...
Driving at night, I notice an increasing number of drivers clearly using their fog lights as an extra set of headlights when there is no fog anywhere to be seen - is this usage legal ?
My offside rear fog light turns on but nearside doesn't. Will this fail an MoT on the basis 'all lights should be working' or since the critical offside fog light works it will pass?
I have been supplied with a hire car by my employer for work, which was previously used by another employee. It has a front fog lamp with a broken glass cover. The bulb still works but is is legal to...
The front offside fog light glass on my BMW 1 series is cracked following a stone hit. The light still works. Will this result in an MoT fail please?
I own a Ford Kuga Titanium PHEV and during its second service the Ford garage found that one of the lamps was not working and asked if I wanted to have the problem investigated at a cost of £105 (they...
The nearside front fog light on my 2013 Vauxhall Corsa doesn't work, I have changed the bulb but still not working, will my car fail its MoT because of this?
I have noticed many different makes of cars that seem to have a defect when they turn at right angles or go round a roundabout, in their lights. Specifically the spot lights. I have noticed many times...
My car has failed its MoT as there is only one rear fog light working. Does my Rover 75 have one or two rear fog lights?

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