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Is it my imagination or are car headlights getting ridiculously bright? Is there a maximum brightness legally allowed? As it now gets dark at tea time I spend much of my time with one hand on the wheel...
Can I fit brighter headlight bulbs to my 2009 Ford Fusion Zetec? Will Halfords fit these bulbs?
Do you have any suggestions for cleaning cloudy headlamps?
What is the best product/method to restore the clearness of dull headlight glass?
I have replaced the incandescent bulbs in my front sidelights with LED ones and I have noticed that the light they produce has a blueish tinge. Are they legal?
I have just had to replace the plastic headlights on my Volvo V70 and would like a recommendation on how to protect and preserve them, to stop them from going cloudy again. Is car polish and wax enough...
I replaced the headlight bulbs on my Volkswagen Golf about 18 months ago. Since then the new MoT rules have been introduced. The replacement bulbs are Osram Night Breakers. will my car pass the MoT with...
I own a 1993 Peugeot 205. How do I find an OEM headlight online?
I paid £700 for a package which included 'Active High Beam' on my Volvo V40 because I drive through the countryside at night. The £700 option package states that 'it stays on high beam all the time to...
My 2002 Ford Focus the front plastic headlight covers have faded and discoloured. Is there any thing I can clean them with?

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