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There is a fault with my tyre pressure sensor. The tyre pressures are correct but the warning light keeps coming on. Would this fault invalidate the MOT?
I've got a Freelander 2 with the airbag light permanently on. Will it be an MOT failure? Also, will it fail if it doesn't light up at all? Thanks.
My wife's car got hit by a pellet of rubble when passing a building site, leaving deep scratches on the bonnet and windscreen in line of sight. The windscreen doesn't buff like the bonnet, and these are...
I want to buy a 2016 Skoda Fabia from a main dealer. It's had one owner and has 35,000 miles on clock, but it failed the MoT last year due to Malfunction Indicator Light failure - which was fixed. I'll...
The ABS warning light is on in my 2006 Peugeot 406. Will it fail the MoT?
Is there any reason not to have the DPF on my car removed? I do a lot of short journeys. The garage would charge £600 + VAT.
Will my car fail the MoT if I do not have the brake fluid changed, which the garage is requesting?
The boot won't open on my 2003 Citroen C5. Is that an MoT failure?
I have a 2003 Honda CR-V petrol auto, which has covered 170,000 miles. For the past two years the engine management light has been lit an increasing amount, and for some months is permanently on whilst...
Will my car fail the MoT if the ABS light does not come on?

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