Can I tow my car home if it has failed its MoT?

My car has failed its MoT and I want to get it to my house without paying a recovery company. It is still taxed and insured, my licence allows me to tow a trailer. Can I tow the car home using a rigid bar?

Asked on 7 November 2023 by charlotte murray

Answered by David Ross
It is illegal to tow a vehicle on the public road without an MoT unless you are taking it to a pre-booked MoT test or pre-booked repairs, so if you were repairing the vehicle at home this is a potential grey area where you could be prosecuted if stopped by the police. Your insurance may also be invalid if you are using a car on the road without a valid MoT. If you can tow the car on a trailer with all four wheels off the ground then this would avoid any legal issues.
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