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I have recently had a new engine fitted to my car under the manufacturer warranty at just 13000 miles. When i come to part exchange it am i obliged to tell the dealer about it?
I want to sell my Nissan Figaro but don’t know where to start, please advise.
What's the best way to sell a cherished plate?
I sold a car for £3000 with six months MoT. The buyer test drove it and was happy with it, even saying so in text exchange that evening. Now they have had it inspected and say the chassis and ball joints...
I'm thinking of selling my Land Rover Defender 110 and what I really need is some advice regarding the condition of the car. It is in genuine original condition with no added extras, would it be more saleable...
If my car has been Cat D repaired, how much will this affect my selling price?
How should a contract be worded for the purchase of a private second hand car and what details should be included?
I'm selling a car privately, but a couple of the tyres have a slight air leak near the rims and need topping up with air about once week. Do I have to disclose this?
My car is currently SORN. It passed the MoT in June 2017 but the exhaust fell off in November. Am I able to sell it on eBay? If so, how can a buyer legally get the car home?
We took my wife's car to Evans Halshaw on 27 December 2017. They appraised the car and made an offer, which we accepted. We completed all the paperwork, and were guided through the process by the salesman....

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