I'm selling my Land Rover Defender 110 - is it worth upgrading the interior to get a better sale price?

I'm thinking of selling my Land Rover Defender 110 and what I really need is some advice regarding the condition of the car. It is in genuine original condition with no added extras, would it be more saleable if I upgraded the interior or should it be left as is? It is clean and tidy but there are no luxuries i.e. padded seats etc.

Asked on 22 March 2023 by Peter James Rogers

Answered by David Ross
Unless the interior of your Land Rover is in poor condition, investing money into making the interior more presentable might make it more saleable but it is unlikely you will recoup much of that outlay in a better sale price. Buyers looking at Defenders should understand that it is predominantly a working vehicle and is far from luxurious, so we would suggest just making the car as clean and presentable as possible to get the best possible price.
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