What's the best small economical car?

I am large disabled person who drives a Seat Ateca automatic. I want to buy a small economical petrol auto for two of my offsprings to share. It needs to be an auto because they love the ease of driving in the city. It will be mainly used for local driving, maybe motorway once in a blue moon. I might drive it sometimes or may be a passenger. I had my head set on a Kia Venga or Hyundai ix20 which I can get in and out easily but with a 1.6-litre petrol engine it might not be very economical. I also love and can fit into the previous generation 1.2 Suzuki Swift. Are there any small city cars/small family cars you can recommend as a first car that I can fit in easily? My budget is up to £10k but willing to go higher.

Asked on 16 June 2022 by wazza2004

Answered by Andrew Brady
Have you considered a Toyota Yaris Hybrid? It's not the biggest small car, but it will be very cheap to run and is ideal for city driving. It's likely to be extremely reliable, too. Alternatively, we'd recommend a petrol Honda Jazz with the dependable CVT gearbox. It's a very spacious small car.
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