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Most recently answered flat battery questions
My daughter has a 2009 Honda CR-V 2.2 Diesel. Every few weeks the battery goes completely dead and the car has to be jump-started. The local garage cannot find the reason. The battery is only a few months...
What's the ticking noise behind the dashboard when I turn the ignition? The car is a Volvo S40.
The battery in my BMW has failed after 24,000 miles and the car is still in warranty. As an experienced driver, I've made sure the car has had regular runs of 20 minutes or more. BMW says there is no warranty...
Yesterday our Toyota C-HR would not start because the auxiliary battery was completely discharged. The breakdown service started the car and I took it on a 30-minute journey to recharge the aux battery....
What type of battery charger do I need for my BMW 218 Tourer? It's not being used much and the flat battery light keeps appearing.
Which battery starter pack would you recommend?
What is better, battery booster or charger for a flat battery? Can you explain the difference, please?
My car has a flat battery so it won't open with the emergency key. Any suggestions as dealerships are all closed due to Covid-19?
What's a reasonably-priced battery charger for a Ford Kuga? I'm looking for one as a back-up during the current Covid-19 lockdown where the use of cars is restricted.
I own a 2011 Skoda Roomster and would like to know if disconnecting the car battery will mean I lose the radio security code.

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