My car's battery has failed while the car is in warranty. Why am I being charged for a replacement?

The battery in my BMW has failed after 24,000 miles and the car is still in warranty. As an experienced driver, I've made sure the car has had regular runs of 20 minutes or more. BMW says there is no warranty and have charged me £343 for a replacement. Have I any grounds for redress? The battery in my previous car lasted at least 10 years. Thanks.

Asked on 12 February 2021 by

Answered by Dan Powell
Car batteries are designed to last between 4-5 years before showing signs of losing charge. The fact you got 10 years out of your last one is very impressive. You don't say how old your car's battery is, but the manufacturer's warranty is unlikely to cover it beyond the first 12 months of ownership. I imagine the combination of reduced mileage and the harsh winter has caused stress to the battery's components and caused it to fail.

The battery itself may have a warranty (if it does it'll be written on the top of the battery itself). Otherwise, you will have no other option but to purchase a replacement.
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