Can anyone change a Jaguar F-Type battery?

I own a 2018 Jaguar F type 3.0 (380) with 14,000 miles on the clock. Recently, I've started to experience battery issues. The car only does 2,000 miles a year and often spends three or four weeks without starting.

I'm assume the battery is discharging and then re-charging when I start the car. I've had a couple of occasions where a warning message has appeared stating: 'battery low do not switch off engine'.

Should I replace the battery? Is this something I can do myself? Can I fit a trickle charger or would the car need some type of modification in order to use one?

Asked on 16 January 2023 by steve haynes

Answered by Lawrence Allan
It reads like the battery is, as you say, discharging near to empty and then recharging each time. Really you shouldn't leave a car for more than about two or three weeks before starting it as that'll kill the battery more quickly than keeping it at a good charge level.

It's likely you do need a new battery and they are relatively easy to fit yourself, however some owners report that the Battery Monitoring System (BMS) needs to be reset via official diagnostic software through an independent garage or dealer. Many owners said they didn't do this and no issues arose, however. If this is the case it's only the electric windows that may need resetting to position them. We can't find any reason why your battery can't be trickle charged, though.
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