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I have owned a 2016 Ford Mondeo Titanium Mk5 from new and the vehicle has been highly satisfacory and trouble free. However I am concerned that the advent of DAB+ will render many stations unobtainable....
I have an Audi TT, and although I select traffic announcements in the correct way, they usually turn off when the ignition is turned off the next time, and so I select for each journey. Any thoughts ?
TMC has stoped working on my Volkswagen Tiguan and it appears to be an issue with several VWG vehicles. Do you know why?
Does playing the radio with engine switched off cause battery to go flat within 20mins?
The radio in my 2016 Renault Master turns itself off after 30 minutes for no reason. Can you tell me why this is happening?
I have a Philips radio/cassette player in my classic Wolseley. It is in need of some attention/repair. Can you recommend any specialist repairers of classic radios?
I have a Ford Focus. The manual states that with the engine off, I can listen to the radio for one hour. I can't, it cuts out after a few minutes. This seems to be a problem in general. Is this something...
I have taken off some of the black surface of the car radio antiglare screen in my Mercedes-Benz C-Class by using a contaminated cloth. Any recommended source for replenishing the coating on the antiglare...
The radio on my 2007 Ford Mondeo is stuck on 'one hour' mode, regardless if the engine is running or not. Ford technical has said it was the GEM module, which I changed, but the problem persists. Any ideas?
My 2004 BMW 5 Series Touring, has suddenly developed interference on the radio, especially on medium and long wave, but not on FM. I understand that the aerial is in the rear window, but whether the heated...

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