Why has TMC stopped working in my Volkswagen?

TMC has stoped working on my Volkswagen Tiguan and it appears to be an issue with several VWG vehicles. Do you know why?

Asked on 7 June 2023 by Richard Charles Turner

Answered by David Ross
This issue seems to depend on which traffic data provider is linked to your vehicle. We understand that both TrafficMaster and INRIX historically provided traffic data to radio stations, but that the TrafficMaster service has now stopped. This may be because modern vehicles rely on internet data to provide traffic information and TrafficMaster has declined to continue the service.

Unfortunately, unless Volkswagen decides to change their vehicles to accept the new provider that you will not be able to access this service. The alternative would be to use the in-built navigation (if fitted) to provide traffic information for your route, or app-based navigation such as Google Maps or Waze to provide information for your route.
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