Have TMC traffic updates stopped?

TMC traffic updates are affecting most if not all cars which are over 2 years old, including my bought from new Audi in 2021. Audi is saying the situation is unfortunate and there is nothing they can do and they say my model also cannot be upgraded to internet capability. Yes, I can use my smart phone, but if I bought the vehicle new with a 5-year warranty and which also included 5 free satnav updates, then what is Audi's and the franchiser's legal or regulatory obligation to me the customer?

Asked on 23 May 2024 by Keith Meadmore

Answered by David Ross
We understand that both TrafficMaster and INRIX historically provided traffic data to radio stations, but that the TrafficMaster service has now stopped. This may be because modern vehicles rely on internet data to provide traffic information and TrafficMaster has declined to continue the service.

Unfortunately, unless Audi decides to change their vehicles to accept the new provider that you will not be able to access this service. It is likely that Audi has no ongoing obligation in this regard because the issue is with a third-party supplier over which they have no control.
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