Can I reject my new EV which refuses to charge?

I took delivery of a new MG EV4 Long Range Trophy on the 29th of April. They were only able to charge it to about 100 miles due to various problems at the dealership. I drove it for about 22 miles and then put it on charge on the 30th April. It never charged.

I returned it to the dealer on Monday the 1st May where they discovered that there was a fault. They refused to offer me a courtesy car as I had taken the car to them. If they had picked it up, they say that a courtesy car would have been offered. It is now in their workshop being tested. It could be there until next week.

I am very inconvenienced by not having any transport. Can I refuse to accept this car under The Sales of Goods Act?

Asked on 10 May 2023 by Roy Edwards

Answered by David Ross
We think you have good grounds to reject this car, both in respect of it being not fit for purpose and also of satisfactory quality. If you cannot charge the car then it is of no use whatsoever.

You have time on your side, so we would suggest giving the dealer a little more time to rectify the fault. We would also suggest that asking for a replacement vehicle is an easier alternative to outright rejection, which most dealerships will try to avoid.

If you do decide to proceed with a rejection, outline your case in writing and in detail, and send your letter by recorded post. Also copy this letter to the customer service department of MG UK. There is more on your consumer rights here:
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