Should I reject a faulty car that has now been off the road for six weeks awaiting repair?

I bought a faulty car from a dealership and realised it within just 12 hours. The repairs are going to take 6-8 months as the part required is not available and on back order. What’s my position? The car was still under warranty and I had done a part exchange.

I sent back the car with 24hrs of receiving it and now it’s been with the dealership for 6 weeks.

Asked on 10 May 2023 by Joseph Madyembwa

Answered by David Ross
You have the right to reject this vehicle, as it is under warranty and is clearly not of sufficient quality if it needs immediate repairs and will be off the road for several months.

It is likely that the dealer will have already sold on your part exchange vehicle, so they will not be able to return your old vehicle to you. You can ask them to supply you with another vehicle of equivalent value to your new car instead of waiting for repairs or rejecting the car outright - this may be the best solution as it will get you back on the road as soon as possible.

Write to the dealer and send your letter by recorded post, explaining the situation, why you are unhappy and what you want them to do to rectify the problem. Be aware though, this could be a lengthy and time consuming process.
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