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I understand that the batteries on EVs are not as susceptible to fire as news reports might suggest. However in the event of the drive battery catching fire and destroying the car is that covered by the...
Can you charge your EV to 100 % from a public charge point?
When driven on to a petroleum forecourt close to the pumps, do EVs potentially represent a possible fire hazard? .
I have just had my front tyres replaced and find the tread is only 6mm. The tyre company tell me that this is correct for an electric car. The tyres are Goodyear Efficient Grip Performance 2. Please advise...
I'm considering buying a CAT S Tesla Model 3 and I'm aware that insurance may cost more but I have a number of other questions that I'm hoping you might help with: - does the Tesla warranty continue to...
What is the best EV charger to install in my garage?
Maybe a bit of a strange question: I have a Smart ForFour EV and I notice it has a cooling system the same as a conventional petrol/diesel car. I guess this is used to cool the traction motor. Is the heat...
I am considering buying a full electric car after my good experience with a PHEV. However I will be touring in France next summer. Is France well provided with public electric charging points around the...
I'm looking at buying a used Toyota Corolla Touring Sports. Is it worth getting the new (2023) model or would the drive/handling of a 2021 model suffice?
It is almost impossible to buy an EV with a near 300 mile range for less than the magic £40k. Do you think there are grounds for raising the limit to £45k? I don’t believe the £40k band has ever changed.

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