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I am interested in changing my Audi A3 TDI for a fully electric car. I need to be able to make monthly trips from north Essex to south London, Bournemouth and Birmingham. What would be your suggestions...
With the development and promotion of persuading people to use electric cars, if you passed your driving test in an electric car would you be restricted to driving only that type of car?
Is it worth waiting a few years before buying an electric car? I would be looking at something the size of an Aygo with four doors.
My wife's Range Rover Evoque was stolen last week. Her next car really ought to be all electric. She liked the height of the Evoque, a lot. She is short and very uncomfortable in my Tesla Model S. A Leaf...
We are considering an EV and can install a charging point at home but public charging points are few and far between in our area. The manufacturers give ranges but we can not find the effects of the use...
Buying a second-hand electric car seems to be tricky. How do you know how long the battery will last? What other things would need looking at?
Is it too early to buy an EV? Or better to wait a while for prices (hopefully) to come down and any initial problems to be ironed out?
My most recent purchase was a three-year-old Skoda which cost just under £7000. I'd love to replace it at some point with an EV but I don't see how the same sort of second-hand price bracket could exist....
I cover about 7000 miles per year. Can you suggest a hybrid or all-electric replacement for my MINI One?
It doesn't appear that Toyota offers an EV. Why not?

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