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Most recently answered charging an ev questions
If EVs are going to become the norm, trustworthy chargers are required. Yesterday, I was charged for 17 Kwh of energy that was not transferred to my car. Monta took my money on behalf of Rolec, the owners...
Can you charge your EV to 100 % from a public charge point?
I'm getting increasingly worried by the thought of a electric car. I don't have a driveway that can have a charging point as it is to far from the house and there is unlikely to be road side chargers where...
What is the best EV charger to install in my garage?
Thank you for your very helpful info on EV tariffs currently available. Some you say can be used for non-EV use during the night, some you say can't. Can the Eon Next Drive be used for other appliances,...
Is the ZipCharge portable charger still in the planning stage or was this just a flop?
I have had an EV now for two and a half years and it's great. Until recently I have had no problem charging it from my home 7.2KW AC wallbox. A few weeks ago however, every time I plugged my car in, I...
Do any electric cars have an emergency (manual) charge flap release?
Can I use a public electric car charger rated 50Kw or above to charge my Kia e-Niro 4? I use a 7Kw point at home.
What is the average cost to recharge an electric vehicle with, let's say, a 70kWh battery, or even, say, a Volkswagen Golf?

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