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I have looked at two identical cars of a similar age but when you go on the DVLA vehicle check site they have different emissions. One is registered May 2019 has CO2 113g/km and euro status EURO 6 W. The...
At present my 2016 petrol Kia Venga is ULEZ friendly, will there come a time when it would become ULEZ unfriendly? Just checking I was not too sure if when vehicles get to a certain age they fall into...
Is it possible to modify a Euro5 engine to comply with Euro6? If so can the compliance be registered so the vehicle can go to clean air zones without penalty
I have seen that Euro 7 is programmed for 1st July 2025. The requirements for this are greatly beyond Euro 6. Is this definitely the future for the UK or is this just Europe? I see that the City of Oxford...
I'm replacing a Skoda Octavia, preferably with another Skoda Octavia or similar. My budget is £10k. I'm thinking I should try and get a Euro 6, but there aren't that many in my price range, so I'm sort...
Which cars pass the London Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) restrictions?
I've just bought a 2015 Skoda Octavia 1.6L TDI CR which is considered Euro 5. However, on a recent MoT, it came out with 'Emissions too clean'. I'm wondering whether A) it's possible to have the car individually...
Our 2016 Dacia Duster diesel was modified by the Dacia dealer to make it Euro 6 compliant. In your opinion do you think it is possible to upgrade our 2014 Dacia Duster diesel that's Euro 5 to Euro 6.
Are there any hybrid pickup trucks on the market in the UK? What is the best, environmentally-friendly option at the moment for some fairly high mileage, 4x4 pickups? Thanks for your help!
My wife is worried that a diesel car won’t be able to drive in central London in the near future. Is this the case?

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