Do diesel hybrids have DPF problems?

How do diesel hybrids cope with switching on and off, between diesel and battery, if they have a DPF fitted? Even a medium length drive might involve lots of battery power and the diesel never getting up to temperature .

Asked on 19 October 2022 by John Groom

Answered by Dan Powell
Diesel hybrids are fitted with a DPF and the same rules apply.

If the engine doesn't generate the necessary heat to perform a passive regeneration cycle then it will perform an active regen of the particle filter automatic. It normally takes 10-20 minutes and the engine will be active for the whole of this time to generate the necessary heat to burn off the soot in the DPF.

As with any diesel vehicle, a hybrid diesel isn't suitable for lots of short trips. If you travel less than 15 miles (per trip) a petrol hybrid will be more suitable for your needs.
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