Renault Kadjar Review 2022

Renault Kadjar At A Glance

Honest John Overall Rating
Finding a USP for the Renault Kadjar is tough, but the five-year warranty, efficient engines and large boot are three of its highlights. Avoid the entry-level version and it comes with a long list of equipment.

+Spacious and practical family SUV, low running costs, mid-range models are well-equipped.

-Dull to drive, interior feels a bit downmarket, lacks the very latest safety assist features.

New prices start from £19,790
Insurance Groups are between 14–19
On average it achieves 74% of the official MPG figure

The Renault Kadjar is one of the many family SUVs you can buy. Launched in 2015, then updated in 2018, it shares a platform with the Nissan Qashqai, but offers more space than its British-built sibling. Other cars of this ilk include the Kia Sportage, Honda CR-V, Peugeot 3008 and Skoda Karoq. Find out how it stacks up in our Renault Kadjar review. 

When is a door not a door? When it’s ajar. When is a Nissan Qashqai not a Nissan Qashqai? When it’s a Renault Kadjar. Here all day, etc, etc.

As jokes go, that’s pretty lame, but it highlights the fact that the Renault Kadjar is closely related to the all-conquering Qashqai. But while the Nissan Qashqai remains the UK’s most popular SUV, the Renault Kadjar has the last laugh by offering more interior space. You could say it’s a bit of a cracker.

Launched in 2015, the Renault Kadjar sits between the Captur and the Koleos in Renault’s range of family SUVs, built to take on the likes of the Qashqai, Kia Sportage, Hyundai Tucson, Peugeot 3008, Skoda Karoq, Seat Ateca and, well, the list goes on.

So why should you choose the Renault Kadjar over any of its rivals? That’s a tough one, because these vehicles all feel fundamentally very similar. It all comes down to price, your proximity to a local dealer and your fondness for a particular brand. 

Maybe Renault’s new five-year warranty will help. At the end of 2019, Renault introduced a five-year, 100,000-mile warranty, so if you buy a Renault Kadjar registered on or after 18 December 2019, it will be covered for, well, five years. It’s not quite at Korean car levels of warranty cover, but it nudges the Kadjar ahead of the Qashqai, Karoq and 3008.

It looks reasonably upmarket, especially following the facelift in 2018. This also improved the quality of the interior, which wasn’t the Kadjar’s strongest point when it was launched in 2015. On the plus side, the Kadjar is well-equipped if you avoid the entry-level cars, with higher trim levels feeling positively lavish.

There’s a choice of petrol and diesel engines, with the post-facelift units the most impressive. The TCe petrol engine is perfect for urban driving, while the Blue dCi diesel is ideal for longer trips and carrying heavy loads. A four-wheel-drive variant sits at the top of the range, which is ideal if you live in a part of the country where the weather can be a bit ‘seasonal’.

The driving experience is, at best, relaxing, but could also be described as forgettable. It’s not a car that likes to be pushed, so you’ll soon learn to take it easy. Ride quality is generally good, but suffers a little on cars with 17-inch alloy wheels.

Practicality is excellent, with the Renault Kadjar boasting a larger boot than the platform-sharing Nissan Qashqai. The cabin is light and airy, with enough space for five. It’s not class-leading, but it’s fine for most families. Post-facelift versions are more stylish, more efficient and more desirable.

Overall, this is a thoroughly competent and respectable take on the tried and tested family SUV formula. Still want that Qashqai? 

Ask Honest John

When should I change the cam belt on my Renault Kadjar 1.5 dCi?
"What is the frequency of the cambelt change on the Renault Kadjar 1.5 dCi?"
As a general rule, I'd recommend every five years or 60,000 miles (whichever comes first). Most cam belt problems we hear about occur after this age/mileage.
Answered by Dan Powell
Is gear stick wobble/shake a sign of a serious problem?
"I'm considering a 2016 Renault Kadjar 1.5 diesel. It drives and rides lovely, gearchange and clutch operation good and no noises. But I've noticed the gear lever wobbles a lot when driving along. Is this a minor or serious issue?"
Reads like the linkage at the bottom of the gear stick is damaged or excessively worn. This is usually caused by aggressive gear changing over a long period of time. I would ask the seller to put this right or find another Kadjar for sale.
Answered by Dan Powell
Renault Kadjar - cam belt or chain?
"I'm looking to buy a used diesel Renault Kadjar and as it's pretty hilly around here am leaning towards the 1.6 for more grunt. I am aware the 1.5 has a belt and the 1.6 a chain but should I be wary as when I come to sell it after 80,000-90,000 and 8 to 9 years I may have difficulty in case the chain needs replacing."
Chains are very durable so long as you stick to the recommended services schedules, a full service history will make the car an attractive purchase when you come to sell it.
Answered by Russell Campbell
Renault Kadjar fault - does the dealership have to fix it?
"I have had my Renault Kadjar for less than two months and it has been in the garage twice. This time the engine management light has come on and it's saying faulty braking system. Does the dealership need to pay to fix it?"
The dealership that sold you the car can be held responsible for any serious faults that develop within the first six months of ownership because the problems are deemed present or developing at the time of sale, as per the 2015 Consumer Rights Act:
Answered by Dan Powell
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