Review: Honda E (2020)

Fashionable electric city car with range of up to 137 miles.

Prices start at £26,160.

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10 September 2019 Honda E priced from £26,160

Orders are now open for the Honda E electric car with prices starting at £26,160 for the 100kW model, rising to £28,660 for the Advance grade with its 113kW output. Finance is available starting... Read more

4 September 2019 Official details announced

Honda has unveiled official images and more details of its new Honda E electric vehicle ahead of its public debut at the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show. A digital mirror system replaces conventional side-view... Read more

8 May 2019 Honda E name confirmed

Honda has confirmed that its new electric car will be badged the Honda E. The manufacturer says it has received 6500 expressions of interest so far in the UK. Read more

Honda E (2020): At A Glance

The Honda E is an electric car with an official range of up to 137 miles and a price tag starting at £26,160.

A digital mirror system replaces conventional side-view mirrors with compact cameras, providing live images to two six-inch screens inside the vehicle. These contribute to smooth styling contours, says Honda, along with pop-out door handles.

Inside the car, there's a five-screen full-width digital dashboard and connected infotainment system, while contemporary materials provide a relaxing and modern passenger cabin.

The largest area of the Honda E’s full-width digital dashboard is occupied by dual 12.3-inch LCD touchscreens. These act as the primary infotainment displays, presenting a range of applications and connected infotainment services that help the car to integrate with the owner’s modern urban lifestyle. As a result, the driver and passengers – whether the car is driving, parked or charging – can enjoy the same connectivity and comfort.

The Honda E is equipped with an electric motor available with power outputs of 100kW (136PS) or 113kW (154PS), and torque of 315Nm. The 35.5kWh battery proides an official range of up to 137 miles. A fast-charging capability allows recharge to 80% capacity in 30 minutes.

On the road, Honda says the car delivers a responsive and fun experience, with the powerful electric motor driving the rear wheels for a sporty and connected feel. It accelerates to 62mph in approximately eight seconds.

Connected services and applications accessed via the touchscreen interface can also be activated using voice commands to engage with the Honda Personal Assistant service. The Honda Personal Assistant is a smart artificial intelligence (AI) facility that uses unique contextual understanding to create natural conversations and provide access to a range of online services.

The unique Honda Personal Assistant is activated by saying, “OK Honda”, followed by the question or instruction. Machine learning enables the technology to develop a greater understanding of an individuals’ voice over time, in order to deliver more accurate responses.

Away from the car, Honda E owners can stay connected to their vehicle remotely through the My Honda+ smartphone application.

The mobile service, originally launched in 2017, has been updated to deliver a wider range of functionality, including easy navigation to a detailed vehicle condition report, remote climate control, and security and location monitoring. Additional EV-specific functions include battery charge control and range monitor, while charging station and navigation search results can be sent to the car from a mobile device.

The Honda E is also accessible using a digital key, allowing the car to be locked and unlocked using only the smartphone application.

Orders are open now for the Honda E electric car with prices starting at £26,160 for the 100kW model, rising to £28,660 for the Advance grade with its 113kW output. Finance is available starting from £299 per month for the base grade.

The Honda E Advance is available for an extra £50 a month. This adds a digital rear-view mirror, Honda's Parking Pilot system and a premium audio system.

What does a Honda E (2020) cost?

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