Review: Honda Jazz (2020)

All new Honda Jazz for 2020 includes petrol hybrid version from April 2020 and keeps its USP of rear 'Magic Seats'

Maybe we will get used to the styling in time.

Honda Jazz (2020): At A Glance

The 2020 Honda Jazz 'e:HEV' reverts to petrol electric hybrid as previously available in the 2nd generation Jazz from 2008 - 2012. On sale in the UK from 2020.

It retains the Jazz Unique Selling Proposition of rear 'Magic Seats' which, by virtue of the fuel tank being located under the driver and front passenger seats, fold flat giving a low load deck, while the squabs can be folded upwards to create a deep space in the centre of the car.

Front and rear seats have been improved to provide more support on long journeys, while narrower windscreen pillars provides a better view of the road ahead and gives the cabin an airy feel.

The interior resembles the tech-heavy cabin of the Honda e, with a new LCD touchscreen offering Android Auto and Apple CarPlay both available via a wireless connection. There’s also a WiFi hotspot built into the car while a smartphone-style display provides access to a number of apps.

The powertrain is a scaled down version of the “Intelligent Multi Mode Drive" (i-MMD) system used in the CR-V Hybrid. It employs an Atkinson cycle petrol engine combined with an electric motor.

There are three drive modes: In hybrid drive the petrol engine drives an electric generator that then sends current to an electric propulsion motor that drives the wheels. Or, in EV mode, the 1 kWh Lithium Ion battery drives the wheels directly. Or, if you put your foot down, a clutch locks up between the electric generator and propulsion motor so drive is fed directly to the wheels. The i-MMD switches between these three drive cycles as necessary.

Normally at up to 25mph, drive is 82% EV and 18% hybrid. Between 25mph and 50mph it’s 50% EV, 16% hybrid and 34% petrol motor. From 50mph to 75mph it’s 23% EV, 16% hybrid and 61% petrol motor. Over 75mph, except on long descents, it’s mostly all petrol motor.

The crossover model of the 2020 Jazz, badged the Crosstar, is intended to appeal to a younger audience who want to convey a more outdoorsy image. It features increased ride height, a bespoke front grille, water-resistant upholstery and integrated roof rails.

What does a Honda Jazz (2020) cost?

List Price from £14,755
Buy new from £12,365
Contract hire from £128.47 per month