MG3 2024: Prices, specs and release date

  • New MG3 replaces the long-running original 
  • Introduces clever hybrid engine technology as standard
  • Aiming for 64mpg and 100g/km CO2 emissions
  • Open for ordering now with prices from just £18,495

The new MG3 arrives to replace the ageing original model after a decade on sale and brings big advances in styling, interior quality and engine technology.

The new MG3’s clever Hybrid+ engine tech combines engine, transmission, battery, electric motor and generator – a fully-integrated five-in-one combination. It delivers impressive fuel economy along with strong performance.

Longer and wider than the old car, the new MG3 gives more space for passengers and one of the biggest boots in its class. All cars also get a twin-screen dash layout – and the 10.25-inch centre screen even has sat nav as standard.  

The hybrid-only new MG3 is arriving now in dealers to take on the recently-updated Renault Clio, plus the Toyota Yaris and ever popular Vauxhall Corsa. And key to its appeal is its very competitive pricing...

2024 MG3 prices and release date

The new MG3 is now open for ordering in the UK. The first cars are expected in dealer showrooms within weeks. 

New MG3 prices are extremely competitive. They start from just £18,495, which is more than £1000 less than the cheapest Vauxhall Corsa – and the Corsa only has a basic petrol engine, rather than the MG's high-tech hybrid system. 

There will be two versions of the new MG3 at launch. Sitting above entry-level SE is the Trophy, which costs £20.495. That's still less than the cheapest Toyota Yaris hybrid...

2024 MG3 styling, interior and technology

The new MG3 has a sleeker and more rounded appearance than the rather boxy current model. This includes the same pointed nose design as the MG4 EV, with the famous octagonal MG logo placed prominently in the centre. Below this sits an extra-wide grille – and below this, there’s a sharp and sporty lower splitter to give the new MG3 an almost hot hatch-like appearance.

The new MG3 will be available in a choice of six colours – Arctic White, Battersea Blue, Dynamic Red, Black Pearl, Monument Silver and Hampstead Grey.

Inside, the new MG3 has been lifted significantly compared to today’s car, with a much more sophisticated and higher-quality interior. All models have a dual-screen setup, with a 10.25-inch touchscreen in the centre, and a 7.0-inch configurable driver display. MG says the responsiveness of the iSmart infotainment system has been improved.

Impressively, all new MG3 models have standard sat nav. They also have smartphone integration through Apple CarPlay and Android Auto – along with air con, a six-speaker stereo, rear parking sensors and a reverse parking camera.

The new MG3 Trophy adds heated front seats and steering wheel, a 360-degree parking camera, keyless entry and rear privacy glass. 

The new MG3’s flowing dashboard has metal-look elements that blend into the door panels. The octagonal-style steering wheel, with two spokes and a flat bottom, is another distinctive feature. Pleasingly, a bank of physical piano key switches has been retained, rather than building all controls into the touchscreen.

The new MG3 has a 293-litre boot. This is pretty decent by small hatch standards – and also gives it one of the largest capacity among hybrid small cars.

2024 MG3 engines, performance and fuel economy

The new MG3 will, at launch, offer a hybrid-only engine choice. It serves up a surprising combination of power and fuel economy.

The new MG3’s hybrid setup comprises a 1.5-litre four-cylinder petrol engine, three-speed transmission, battery, electric motor and generator. The overall system power output is a hot hatch-like 195PS, from a combination of 102PS petrol engine and 136PS electric motor.

This means the new MG3 covers 0-62mph in 8.0 seconds. It will have a top speed of 106mph.

The new MG3 is expected to be economical with the firm targeting a WLTP average figure of 64mpg and CO2 emissions from 100g/km.

Hybrid technology helps here. The new MG3 has a 1.83kWh ‘self-charging’ battery which, in combination with the powerful electric motor, gives pure electric driving at city centre speeds.

The Hybrid+ system works at higher speeds too – MG says that, because the new MG3 has a more powerful electric motor than many hybrids, high-load acceleration in EV mode is possible too, with the petrol engine either supporting or taking over at high speeds.

The interesting three-speed automatic gearbox is the new MG3’s answer to ‘rubber-band-effect’ CVT automatics. It also allows the new MG3 to accelerate strongly where required. A Jaguar-style rotary gearshifter is standard.

Bosses say the new MG3’s chassis has been tuned in both Europe and China. This will give it a ‘fun-to-drive’ feel while also being more refined than the current car. Ultra-high stiffness suspension components help here, as does suspension that’s been designed to reduce weight and improve grip.

The new MG3 also offers much-improved refinement, adds the firm – aided by the hybrid tech’s ability to often run in EV mode at slower speed. To enhance things further, the engineers have beefed up sound absorbing materials and focused on reducing noise, vibration and harshness throughout.

There’s extra safety kit as well, with the new MG3 coming with MG Pilot tech including lane keep assist, adaptive cruise control, forward collision warning and a clever traffic jam assist function.

How big is the new MG3?

The new MG3 is 4113mm long, 1797mm wide and 1502mm tall. It is a little longer and wider than the outgoing car, which helps create more space inside for passengers.

Where was the new MG3 designed?

Although MG has a design centre in London (it’s in Marylebone), the new MG3 was designed at its studio in Shanghai.

How many new MG3 models are there?

All new MG3 have the 1.5-litre Hybrid+ engine. There are two specifications, SE and Trophy. All have standard sat nav and large 10.25-inch touchscreen, and Trophy adds leather-style upholstery, keyless entry, heated front seats and steering wheel, and 360-degree camera.