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Representing excellent value for money, the MG HS is a spacious SUV that should be cheap to run. It's just a shame that it's not available with a diesel engine.

+Excellent value for money. Comfortable and well-finished interior. High seating position. Seven-year warranty.

-Disappointing petrol engine. Not as practical as you'd expect.

New prices start from £23,595, brokers can source from £22,994
On average it achieves 0% of the official MPG figure

The MG HS is an affordable family SUV which doesn't feel like a budget option. It's cheaper than a Skoda Karoq or Nissan Qashqai, despite being closer in size to a Ford Kuga or Honda CR-V. Read our full MG HS review to find out if you should spend your money on this cut-price SUV.

It's fair to say that MG has had a rocky start under Chinese ownership, with models like the MG 6 and MG GS falling wide of the mark. It's finally starting to make a name for itself as an appealing budget brand, though, with generous levels of standard equipment as well as an impressive seven-year warranty.

MG's line-up today consists of the MG 3 hatchback, the MG ZS small SUV and the electric-only MG 5 EV. The biggest car in the line-up is this, the MG HS. As we touched upon above, rivals range from popular models like the Kia Sportage and Peugeot 3008, to slightly bigger SUVs like the Toyota RAV4 and Citroen C5 Aircross.

You can't buy the MG HS with a diesel engine, which is quite a statement in itself. Instead, buyers get the choice of an underwhelming 1.5-litre petrol (officially it packs 162PS but it couldn't pull a skin off a rice pudding) or a punchier plug-in hybrid.

By combining the petrol engine with an electric motor, the MG HS PHEV provides surprisingly rapid acceleration. It's the 32-mile electric range that most buyers will be more interested in, though, while its sub-50g/km CO2 figure will make it appealing to company car drivers.

Inside, the MG HS has a spacious interior with a high seating position. It doesn't feel quite as posh as a Volkswagen Tiguan, but it's a lot better finished than the old MG GS. There were initially three trim levels available in the MG HS range: Explore, Excite and Exclusive. This has now been slimmed down to just the two, Excite and Exclusive. All are well equipped for the money, with the mid-spec MG HS Excite featuring navigation, a reversing camera and 18-inch alloy wheels.

MG HS prices start from less than £21,500, which is very competitive for an SUV of this size. Even the plug-in hybrid is relatively affordable, priced from around £32,500. When you consider how much physical car you get for the money, that's a modern day SUV bargain. And, unlike some MG models of old, the MG HS doesn't represent too much of a compromise, either.

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Ask Honest John

I'm looking to replace my Hyundai Ioniq with another PHEV, what should I choose?

"I currently have a Hyundai Ioniq PHEV that I plan to replace this August with a new PHEV. The Ioniq PHEV is no longer produced - what would you recommend about the same size?"
PHEVs have been a popular choice for customers looking to move into electrified vehicles, but manufacturers are moving towards full EVs which means the number of PHEVs available is diminishing. One option is the Volkswagen Golf e-Hybrid. It is a bit more expensive than your Ioniq, but this is partly offset by the better performance, driving experience and higher-quality cabin. Alternatively you could go for the MG HS, which is a little larger than your Ioniq but offers excellent value for money.
Answered by David Ross

Will a plug-in hybrid save me money if I use it as an EV?

"I have an MG HS PHEV. With energy prices being as high as they are right now, is it best to use it on electric power on a daily basis or will it be cheaper to run the car on petrol only?"
It's difficult to say and will depend on factors such as your driving style, home electricity tariff and how much you pay for petrol. We'd recommend working out your 'cost per mile' based on your fuel economy with a flat battery and comparing it to the cost per mile using electric power (based on your home electricity tariff).
Answered by Andrew Brady

Is my MG HS exempt from the London Congestion Charge?

"Is the MG HS 1.5 Gdi DCT Exclusive exempt from the London Congestion Charge, please?"
Unfortunately your car is not exempt from the main Congestion Charge Zone, but it is exempt from the wider Ultra Low Emission Zone. Only electric cars or hydrogen cars are exempt from the Congestion Charge.
Answered by Lawrence Allan
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What does a MG HS cost?

Buy new from £22,994(list price from £27,495)