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Crucial to Protect Your Car Before Winter Sets In

Autoglym is urging motorists to think ahead to protect their vehicles against the coming winter weather.

Cold and wet wintery conditions can take their toll on any car, warns the leading UK car care expert, and the added presence of road salt - spread at a rate of up to 60,000 tonnes each day across the UK - can accelerate the corrosion of exterior surfaces.

"Thorough preparation of a car for the winter months can help to reduce the harmful effects of very low temperatures, road salt and increased grime, while also making intermittent cleaning easier," explains Autoglym's CEO, Paul Caller.  "From the bodywork to the windscreen and windows, and from exterior rubber and plastics to the interior carpets and upholstery, the winter conditions can contribute to an increased rate of damage and degradation.  Preparation with quality car care products can help motorists avoid labour-intensive and potentially costly repairs later."

Autoglym, which holds two Royal Warrants of Appointment, puts all its products through an arduous development regime that includes testing in extremes of freezing Icelandic winters.

As temperatures dip below freezing, the chances of paintwork damage increase. Motorists can prepare their cars' bodywork for the winter by washing it with a purpose-formulated pH-neutral car shampoo, such as Autoglym's Bodywork Shampoo Conditioner, followed by the application of a premium sealant.  Autoglym's flagship High Definition Wax contains a combination of waxes, resins and oils that are exceptionally resistant to environmental contaminants for up to six months.  Once protected, a vehicle should require only occasional washing to remove day-to-day dirt.

Glasswork is always harder to keep clean in winter months, but Autoglym's Fast Glass is an easy-to-use rapid cleaner and is ideal for restoring absolute clarity to front and rear windscreens, side windows, door mirrors and headlights.

Constant exposure to winter road salt increases the exposure of plastic bumpers, exterior trim and rubber door and window seals to damaging corrosive agents.  A specially formulated treatment, such as Autoglym's Vinyl & Rubber Care, protects rubber and plastic surfaces, and helps prevent rubber door and window seals from sticking in the freeze.

Winter subjects car interiors to muddy feet and soggy clothing which can quickly make fabrics and carpets dirty and musty.  Autoglym's Interior Shampoo contains active cleansing ingredients that deep clean upholstery and trim, in addition to shifting the soggy odours that can take hold in wetter periods.

Autoglym's Winter Car Care DOS and DON'TS

·        DO make sure that you dislodge mud and salt build-up from under wheel arches

·        DO protect your bodywork for winter with a premium-grade protective wax, such as Autoglym's High Definition Wax

·        DO clean your car regularly over the winter period using Autoglym's Bodywork Shampoo Conditioner to remove build-up of day-to-day dirt, even after a polish or wax has been applied

·        DO carry a full-strength de-icer to clear ice from windscreen, mirrors, wipers and locks

·        DO increase the concentration of your car's screenwash to help shift any build-up of road salt and dirt as well as preventing the solution freezing as temperatures drop

·        DO keep Autoglym's Fast Glass in the glovebox to ensure you're always equipped to clear dirt and grime from windscreens, windows, mirrors and headlamps

·        DO protect rubber and plastic surfaces with Autoglym's Vinyl & Rubber Care

·        DO regularly clean seat fabrics and carpets with Autoglym's Interior Shampoo to prevent damp odours and mustiness

·        DON'T use washing up liquid to wash your car as it can remove protective coatings on paintwork

·        DON'T use boiling water to clear ice from your windscreen as it can crack the glass

·        DON'T drive until your front and rear screen and side windows are clear of snow, ice, dirt and condensation

More information about Autoglym's range of premium vehicle-care products, and details of nearby retailers, is available at Autoglym.com


car care products    on 28 August 2012

It is very difficult to clean the car in winter season so if we clean it before winter by good products of car cares then we will be relaxed for next four months.

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