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Hollywood Stunt Drivers Adopt Simple British Seatbelt Safety Device

Sun, 10 Jan 2010

CG Lock, the seat belt-add-on device, is to be fitted in all Pinewood Film Studios stunt cars; the UK-based studio facility is used by many international film producers. The CG lock is extensively used in the field of racing driving, where it has saved lives and prevented serious injury; it is also beneficial to any driver suffering from back pain or injury.

The product, available from UK back-care retailer for under £50, is being fitted in all stunt cars used by Pinewood Film Studios, a facility involved in state-of-the-art stunts for films including the James Bond and Bourne Ultimatum series.

The CG Lock stabilises the hips, preventing the spine from distorting and causing referred pain. The device also prevents twisting of the vertebra and compression of the intervertebral discs; a cost-effective way of preventing injury for all drivers and passengers - whether secret agents or not!

According to CG Lock manufacturer, Lap Belt Cinch Europe Ltd, fans of the in-car safety device include Ben Collins, the stuntman who doubled for Daniel Craig in the James Bond blockbuster 'Quantum of Solace', and the man rumoured to play 'The Stig' in BBC's Top Gear.  The road safety charity BRAKE also recently gave the device a 'highly commended' award, in acknowledgement of the many saved lives and positive crash test data provided by the manufacturers.

CG Lock facts-

The CG Lock secures the seatbelt, preventing it slipping and loosening. This security prevents the body sliding down in the seat whilst driving; especially when braking hard. (In accidents, car drivers and passengers often sustain more injury to the lower limbs and spine due to slipping under the seatbelt waist strap.)

The CG-Lock is designed to fit most vehicles, but is not designed to work with multi-pass seat belt tongue systems.

The device is currently on offer for £44.95 (RRP £49.95) from back care specialist retailer:


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