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Honest John's HAT Awards 2012

Businesses that have provided excellent services to motorists have been honoured by the HAT Awards hosted by Honest John

The Highly Approved Trader Awards recognise best practice within the UK motor trade. Winners of the accolade this year are:

  • Drivethedeal.com, a broker for a deal on almost any brand new car supplied by a UK main dealer.

  • Event Tyres, who specialise in the supply and fitting of tyres including car, 4x4 and run flat tyres.

  • British Car Auctions, Europe's largest vehicle remarketing company.

  • Motorpoint UK, an independent supplier of new and used cars.

  • Warranty Direct, the UK's leading provider of direct consumer warranties specialising in used car and extended warranties.

  • Lingscars.com, a leading provider of cut-price lease deals.

  • DSG Autos, an independent contract hire, car and van leasing and finance brokerage business.

  • King Automatics, a provider of specialist diagnostics and advice in repairing and rebuilding all makes of automatic gearboxes.

  • Historics at Brooklands, a specialist Classic and Sports Car Auctioneers.

  • Liverpool Victoria (LV) Car Insurance

  • HPI, a specialist in car vehicle checks.

 To qualify for a HAT, businesses must have been trading for a minimum of three years, be signed up to the appropriate SMMT code of practice and demonstrate a thorough and transparent customer complaints procedure. The HAT Standard is then awarded based on Honest John’s final decision and the organic recommendations that he has received. 

Honest John commented: “The HAT Awards give the businesses that are delivering an exceptional experience to motorists the recognition they deserve, from the real experts: motorists themselves. It’s great to see such a fine list of winners from across the motoring industry, all of whom represent reliable, high quality service and excellent value for money. They also demonstrate a transparent and fair mechanism for handling customer complaints. Given the economic pinch it is now more important than ever for consumers to find good deals and decent service for a sensible price. I believe the HAT Standard sets the benchmark for a level of customer service that motorists should have the right to expect. “ 


h najian    on 21 November 2012

i left honest feedback for event tyres and they deleted it. i wasent impressed with their customer service.

Lingscars    on 21 November 2012

Well, damn you Honest John, hahaha, you force me to recode my LINGsCARS website because you give me another award with a new logo! :)

I work so hard to get this, it took so long to convince you. But I have highest customer service in my industry, and fastest online communication reply times in the UK, on my customer LINGO user interface. I really try to be the best by massive investment in my website and user experience. I am invited to speak in New York and London by the leading ecommerce company to explain how I do this.

This year (2012) I will deliver well over 1,000 brand new cars from Kia Picantos to S-Class Mercs, and every customer gets same superb service level. Customers are happy. I will generate well over £1/2m Gross Profit, probably a LOT more. So, onwards and upwards, to next year! What recession... that has truly ended now, I think.

My customers mean the most to me, so I have made a new customer mosaic (no other company in the UK can do this) using tiny images of my happy customers to build the pic.http://www.lingscars.com/feature/cust... - have a look!

Thanks again to HJ and keeping up the good work! Thanks for the HAT award!


ionicle    on 21 November 2012

I wasnt impressed with warrenty direct as they dont cover dpf's! Surely that should be standard now, i would have been willing to pay more to ensure it was covered, as it was from a 900 premium, i recived a refund of about 200, so 700 out of pocket...not impressed at all

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