New EV fast chargers will boost batteries in just 10 minutes

Published 22 May 2019

An Australian electric car charging firm has signed a deal to supply ultra-fast chargers to 120 sites across Europe.

The network - operated by Ionity and backed by car manufacturers including Volkswagen, BMW, Ford and Daimler - will see up to six fast chargers installed at each site across 23 countries in Europe.

>>>Car manufacturers develop high speed EV charging network

The 350kW units are the fastest electric car chargers available - but no EV on sale can handle the boost in power. Currently, the Nissan Leaf - Britain's most popular electric car - can take 50kW from a rapid charger (e.g. those used at motorway service stations), taking it to 80 per cent in around 40 minutes. Most home chargers are rated at just 3 or 7kW.

Porsche's upcoming Taycan is expected to be the first EV on sale capable of charging at 350kW when it arrives in early 2020, closely followed by the Audi e-tron GT and Aston Martin Rapide-E.

This means 10 minutes of charge will add around 220 miles - 'all but eliminating range anxiety', claims the company behind the chargers.

The fast chargers will also be able to slow down to a rate current electric cars can accept. Jaguar claims its i-Pace can charge at a rate of 100kW, for example, while the Audi e-tron can take 150kW, charging to 80 per cent in less than half an hour, and 100 per cent in around 50 minutes.

The upcoming Volkswagen ID.3 will be able to charge at a rate of up to 125kW, giving around 160 miles of range in half an hour.

Users of the Ionity charging network are expected to be billed a flat fee of £7 for each electric car charge.


diddy11cg    on 28 May 2019

The UK Government's aim to eliminate ALL fossil Fuel Vehicles by 2030 is "Pie in the Sky" Until we can charge a vehicle fully in around a minute and get 600 mile range we are doomed to a stay at home economy. We will all starve because there will be insufficient electric vehicles for food distribution. Presumably the climate change fans think that food grows in supermarkets not farms. Massive queues for charging stations, thousands of stalled vehicle with flat batteries. Breakdown services unable to cope since they will not have enough portable charging capacity and will still need fossil fuel powered generators for their chargers. All because of the false science claiming climate change. It beggars belief!

P Menzies    on 28 May 2019

EVs are the next diesel promotion scandal.

William Barnes    on 28 May 2019

diddy11cg and P Menzies

Absolutely brilliant

Edited by William Barnes on 28/05/2019 at 16:42

Tony Mahon    on 28 May 2019

I would be interested to know what the effect is on battery life is.
Generally a battery lasts much longer if charged slower so not sure how they are getting round that.
I see we have a few climate change disbelievers on here so far!!

P Menzies    on 28 May 2019

It's not that people are disbelievers, it's that they were told that London would be 6 feet in horse manure if we didn't find an alternative to horse power. Then diesel engines emitted cleaner air than it took in.Now electric vehicles are the answer? Travel produces pollution whether it's from a tailpipe locally or a mine across the other side of the world producing the rare metals for the manufacture of batteries. Tyres and brakes cause pollution and who would want to live near a battery recycling plant?

CliffDee    on 28 May 2019

If we will only be allowed to buy electric cars after 2030 how will we charge them?
Can the mains cables in residential streets carry sufficient current to charge a street full of electric vehicles (and electric boilers)? Simple answer no.
What plans are there to completely upgrade all electricity supply cables by 2030? None.
I live in an area with only on street parking. Where would I, (and the 20 million people this will be a problem for) charge overnight?
If you are rich and can afford an EV and have land you can park on and recharge overnight.
10 years to tackle these issues. Government (of whatever brand) will probably start planning in 2029.

Tony Mahon    on 29 May 2019

Yes people were definitely given poor advice when the government started pushing diesels before suddenly realising that they were very dirty in emission terms.Obviously this is much more of a problem in cities than rural areas. That being said and despite all the infrastructure problems having to be solved we really can't deny that the climate is dangerously heating up. Increase of serious forest fires, extreme rainfall in some parts of the world ,extreme drought in others, sea rise levels.An example nearer home being the South Wales village that is threatened with extinction.
So, fellow Honest John readers what do you suggest?

diddy11cg    on 30 May 2019

Dear old Britain with a population of around 66 million CANNOT make a jot of difference to supposed climate change. China, USA, India, Brazil, Indonesia, Malaysia, Russia CAN if they all sign up - BUT THEY WILL NOT. So why should we Brits carry the can and beggar ourselves? Let us use up as much fossil fuel as possible so that when it is all gone they will HAVE to invent a viable alternative. I doubt that many of your readers have the slightest clue as to the total percentage of CO2 the atmosphere comprises, the alleged greenhouse gas that is warming the climate. There has always been weather. Our scientific records only go back a mere 150 years. Most claims about climate change are just parroting what has been published, not reliable additional research. The co founder of Greenpeace has already reliably contradicted all climate change claims.

chrisv1    on 31 May 2019


If you look into it you will find that air trapped in dateable ice-cores in the antarctic enable scientists to measure CO2 levels back over at least 100,000 years confirming the rapid increase since the industrial revolution

Michael Read    on 2 June 2019

How are we going to generate all the extra power to charge the electric vehicles if we abandon fosil fuels?

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