Toyota testing wireless technology to charge next generation of electric cars

Published 13 February 2014

Toyota is testing wireless technology to charge its next generation of electric and plug-in hybrid cars. The new technology would replace cables and connectors with a coil set in the surface of the road.

Verification testing of the technology is already underway in Japan and it’s believed that Toyota is hoping to have the wireless system ready for its next generation of electric and plug-in vehicles. The wireless system works by transmitting electricity via magnetic resonance created by changes in magnetic field intensity between a coil in the ground and a receiving coil in the car.

If the trial is successful, wireless charging could be introduced to public car parks, places of work and motorways. Not only would the technology make it easier to recharge a vehicle, but it could also eliminate range limitations with electric cars able to recharge on the move.

At the moment Toyota is only testing wireless charging in parking bays, but hopes to extend the programme to roads and highways in the near future.  However, there's details on when the new technology will be introduced to the UK, but it’s hoped the system could make it to market within the next three years. 



pao    on 16 February 2014

I think this should solve one of the problems with EVs. The hassles of charging especially outdoors. They shouldn't forget to design this information-tech so that public/private spaces can provide this utility for a fee/profit.

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