World's Oldest Beetles Coming to Volksworld Next Weekend

Two of Volkswagen's first vehicles, along with VW's latest Beetle, will make their UK debut at The Volksworld Show, to be held at Sandown Park in Surrey on 24-25 March 2012.

Fans of the famous marque will have a once-in-a-lifetime experience, as the older cars are unlikely to return to British soil. Show visitors will also be able to get up close to the new model and see how much has changed in 75 years of production.

The older cars go back to VW's beginnings and are extremely important to the history of both Volkswagen and Porsche.

The VW 38 is one of the actual prototypes of the VW Beetle that went into production after World War II. It is the world's oldest privately-owned VW and was the predecessor of more than 21m Beetles in VW's record-breaking production.

It will be shown alongside an equally important car, the Berlin-Rome KdF-Wagen Type 60 K10 Rekordwagen. A sports car based on the VW 38, it was commissioned by Hitler and was the car that started the transition from Volkwagen to Porsche. It was constructed under the personal supervision of Ferdinand Porsche to demonstrate that the VW Beetle was not only the people's car but also on capable of winning long-distance races. For VW fans, it's Volkswagen's first race car, while for Porsche fans, it's the first Porsche.

Bringing the story up-to-date, The Volksworld Show will also host the UK public debut of the latest Volkswagen Beetle. Says Volksworld editor Ivan McCutcheon: "this brand new model is bigger, looks a lot tougher, and is a lot sportier than the previous new Beetle and is sure to be just as massive a hit as the millions before it."

Visitors to the show will also experience hundreds of classic Beetles and Campers, live music and free kids entertainment, all rolled into a great weekend party atmosphere. Adds McCutcheon: "The Volksworld Show would not be complete without the 'Bug Stuff' when we challenge more than 80 people to cram into and onto a VW Beetle, a feat you have to see with your own eyes! And there's a chance to become part of VW history by driving home in the classic VW Beetle being given away at the show."

The VolksWorld Show takes place at Sandown Park, Esher, Surrey, KT10 9AJ over the weekend of 24-25 March 2012. More at

(Photos from last year's Volksworld.)


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