Top 10: Best-selling cars in May 2021

New car registrations went up by 674 per cent in May but the industry faces a long road to recovery with sales down by 29 per cent on the 10-year average.

156,737 new cars were registered in May – significantly up on the same month the previous year when dealers were closed during the pandemic. Unsurprisingly, electric cars accounted for 8.4 per cent of all new cars registered in May — according to data from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) — while plug-in hybrid and self-charging hybrid vehicles made up roughly 15 per cent.

Click through the gallery below to see which new cars were in high demand in May.

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Volkswagen Golf - 4181 registered

The Volkswagen Golf isn't the best-selling family car it used to be, namely due to the boom in crossovers and higher prices than rivals — but it's certainly still got a lot of selling points for those who want something premium. It's packed with tech and has a stylish cabin that could rival the likes of Audi, while there’s also a wide range of engines on offer. And, like a rising number of models, there's an electric e-Golf version as well. Click here to read more about the e-Golf we ran for six months.

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gavsmit    on 7 June 2021

Good to see Brits still pandering to the likes of VW and spending fortunes on their cars, a company trading on a long-gone reputation for reliability that not only deceives customers and impacts the health of everyone (Dieselgate) but also denies it happened in the UK courts whilst coughing up compensation for VW customers in other countries for the same thing.

Such a shame Brits can't buy cars from makes investing in the UK rather than making fun of it.

groaver    on 7 June 2021

The Polo:
"the interior is also a cut above when it comes to the quality of its materials"

Are you absolutely sure about that??

Iain Harris    on 7 June 2021

I agree re interiors but they need to be for based on my experience you’ll spend quite a bit of time looking at the interior awaiting the recovery service
Really not good experience and that’s based on my having 3 of their products

STEVEOBMWF90    on 7 June 2021

Gavsmit. How right you are. After issues with my DSG gearbox and the pain and upset caused to my dear wife and I, we will never purchase another car from them/retailer.

Furrybiker    on 8 June 2021

Mercedes, poor paint and reliability. Still it is all about the badge.
This website has really gone down dince HJ sold it.

captpete    on 8 June 2021

Honest John has been saying that for years
VW know that they would be hung drawn and quartered in the USA but us weak soft brits they can screw .
Where’s a Churchill when you need one

P Menzies    on 10 June 2021

I would never ever buy a VW group product after the treatment from a large dealer group. They thought they were doing me a favour to sell me a top spec golf. I walked away then and will never return. Maybe they got their comeuppance with dieselgate.

Edited by P Menzies on 10/06/2021 at 14:37

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