Most reliable cars 2024

Every year, thousands of car owners take part in the Honest John Satisfaction Index, which seeks to identify the best and most reliable cars in the UK. Of course, it also names the cars you should avoid.

As well as looking at things like fuel economy, practicality and safety, owners are asked to rate their cars out of ten for reliability. This makes the annual survey a hugely invaluable resource, because the results are based on the feedback from actual owners who are living with the cars on a daily basis. On school runs, daily commutes and shopping trips.

There are no guarantees of reliability, but by choosing one of the following cars, you stand a better chance of owning a car that's likely to give you the fewest sleepless nights.

 Most reliable cars 



Lexus NX

Reliable car score: 9.98

What's the most reliable car in the UK? According to readers, the Lexus NX is the UK’s best car for reliability. It received a near-perfect 9.98 out of 10 in this category, as well as strong scores for comfort, road handling and practicality. It’s no fluke either, because Lexus is also rated as the most reliable car brand and has done so for the past two years.

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Hyundai Tucson

Reliable car score: 9.96

Just slightly behind the Lexus NX for reliability rating is the Hyundai Tucson, with an impressive 9.96 out of 10. It’s not just about reliability either, as the Tucson received the highest rating for owner satisfaction with a score of 99.6%. Add to this the standard five-year unlimited mileage warranty and it’s no surprise that the Hyundai Tucson is such a big hit with owners.

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Kia XCeed

Reliable car rating: 9.96

Tied for second place as the most reliable car is the Kia XCeed, scoring an identical 9.96 out of 10 to the Hyundai Tucson and an equally strong 96.4% average for owner satisfaction. It’s not just the Kia XCeed that is popular with owners either, as Kia is also ranked as one of the best car brands too.

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Skoda Superb

Reliable car score: 9.95

We are big fans of the Skoda Superb and it seems like plenty of owners are too. It scored a very strong average of 9.95 out of 10 for reliability, while its overall score of 93.9% for owner satisfaction puts it up among the best of the bunch. If you want a reliable car that's also spacious and practical, this is a great place to start.

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Jaguar XF

Reliable car score: 9.90

The highest-placed premium car in our top ten, the Jaguar XF achieved an average score of 9.90 in the latest Honest John Satisfaction Index. The Jaguar XF also received praise for its handling and performance as well as comfort and ease of use, underlining its ability as a genuine luxury contender. As a reliable car with a premium badge, it seems Jaguar is the surprising way to go.

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Jaguar F-Pace

Reliable car score: 9.87

Another Jaguar making the top ten, with the Jaguar F-Pace recording an impressive average of 9.87 for reliability according to its owners. It also achieved strong scores for performance and interior quality, but a low score of 8.30 for repair costs suggests problems, although rare, can be expensive to fix. Still, this is an impressive result for Jaguar, not a brand that's usually associated with reliable cars.

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Toyota Auris

Reliable car score: 9.86

As a brand with a strong reputation for reliable cars, it’s no surprise to see a Toyota make the top ten. The Auris scored an average of 9.96 for reliability in the Honest John Satisfaction Index and although it has since been replaced by the Toyota Corolla its owners continue to be satisfied with its solidity.

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Dacia Duster

Reliabile car score: 9.86

It might be one of the cheapest cars you can buy, but the Dacia Duster is also one of the UK’s most reliable cars. The Dacia Duster also received praise for its practicality, low running costs and ease of use, all of which make for a low-stress ownership experience. It also received a solid 9.53 out of 10 for road performance, which proves you don’t have to spend big for a satisfying drive.

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BMW i3

Reliable car score: 9.86 

The only pure electric car to make the top ten, BMW’s radical i3 has proven that electric cars can be just as reliable as conventional cars with a strong overall score of 9.86 out of 10. It also received strong praise from owners for driving pleasure, ease of use and running costs. If you want the most reliable electric car, the BMW i3 is it.

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Toyota RAV4

Reliable car score: 9.85 

Another Toyota rounds out the top ten most reliable cars for 2023. The current-generation Toyota RAV4 achieved a solid average of 9.85 out of 10 for reliability. Little wonder that Toyota also appears in the top ten list of best car brands.

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Which car is the most reliable in the UK?

According to 6000 readers, the old shape Lexus NX (built between 2014 and 2021) is the most reliable car you can buy in the UK. You can buy the Lexus NX as a hybrid, making it the perfect choice for city-friendly motoring.

What's the most reliable cheap car?

If you're looking for a reliable, cheap car, then it has to be the Dacia Duster. A real bargain, it finished eighth in our rundown of the most reliable cars. There's also the Dacia Duster 

What is the most unreliable car in the UK?

The Mercedes GLC is the most unreliable car. The Mercedes GLC's average reliability score is the lowest of any car in the Honest John Satisfaction Index. The Mercedes GLC is also ranked as the worst car in the UK for owner satisfaction. Hopefully, the all-new Mercedes GLC will signal a much-needed improvement in quality on all fronts. 

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Your budget will get you a circa 2009 Toyota RAV4 with a 150PS petrol engine and an automatic gearbox. Very reliable cars, don't feel as bulky to drive as other SUVs and have loads of room inside. Find out more in our review:
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