Most unreliable car brands 2024

These are the worst car brands in the UK for reliability.

According to the latest Honest John Satisfaction Index, these are the car manufacturers that disappoint you the most when it comes to all-important reliability. 

Six thousand people took part in the Honest John Satisfaction Index. Owners were asked to rate their cars out of 10 in a range of areas that included comfort, performance, practicality and reliability. 

 Most unreliable car brands



Land Rover

Reliability average score: 8.93

It's a poor showing for Land Rover in the latest Honest John Satisfaction Index, with the British brand averaging 8.93 out of 10 for reliability. Most of the complaints centre around the Discovery Sport SUV, which is also ranked as one of the UK's worst models for reliability

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Reliability average score: 8.93

Peugeot fails to hit the mark when it comes to reliability, with the French carmaker scoring a lowly average of just 8.93 in the latest Satisfaction Index. Most complaints are related to the latest 3008 SUV. Owners also complain about the 1.2 PureTech petrol engine and general build quality. 

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Reliability average score: 8.94

Fiat is the UK's third worst car brand for reliability with its 8.94 average putting it just behind Peugeot. Most of the complaints are based on older Fiat models, such as the ageing version of the 500 city car. The good/bad section of our Fiat 500 review is littered with reports of costly gearbox failures, which gives a hint of the nature of owners' complaints. 

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Reliability average score: 9.04

Volkswagen is something of a mixed bag when it comes to reliability. Most of the latest models tend to perform strongly, with both the T-Roc and Tiguan being praised for their build quality and reliability. However, older versions of high-volume models like the Golf and Polo drag the manufacturer's average down to a disappointing 9.04.

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Reliability average score: 9.05

Citroen is the second French car manufacturer to be named and shamed in the 10 worst car brands for reliability. Like many on this list, it's mostly older models that drag the average score down with the C3 and C4 Picasso being highlighted by owners for expensive repair costs and poor reliability.

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Reliability average score: 9.07

It's another poor showing in the annual Honest John Satisfaction Index for Mercedes-Benz. The old version of the GLC SUV performed poorly with owners rating it as the UK's worst model for reliability. Things don't improve with older C-Class models either, with the premium saloon being ranked as the UK's sixth least reliable car.  

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Reliability average score: 9.12

The Ford Fiesta has a tough time in the latest Honest John Satisfaction Index - both older and newer versions of this best-selling hatch are marked down for reliability. The latest Kuga is also criticised over build quality issues, which results in Ford achieving a reliability score of just 9.12.

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Reliability average score: 9.27

When it comes to reliability, Porsche scores a reliability average of 9.27. However, while this low score is enough to put the German sports car specialist into the bottom 10 overall, most of the problems are linked to older versions of the Macan while cars like the 911 tend to fare much better. 

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Reliability average score: 9.28

Audi's problems appear to be limited to ageing and high-mileage versions of the A6 and A4, with owners complaining that these cars are expensive to repair and generally unreliable. Newer models, such as the Q2 and Q3 perform much better.

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Reliability average score: 9.31

Jaguar's 9.31 average is better than the 9.08 the carmaker clocked up in the 2021 Satisfaction Index but is still not good enough to lift the manufacturer out of the 10 worst car brands for reliability. That said, Jaguar's report card mirrors that of Audi, with ageing versions of the old XF dragging the carmaker's overall score down.

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Ask HJ

More reliable than a Mini Countryman?

I’m in my 30s, work in investment management and use my own car for commuting and business. I currently have a 2016 Mini One Countryman 1.6-litre petrol, which has proven really unreliable with poor build quality (failed engine seal, clutch contaminated by an oil leak from the engine, broken water pump, gearbox issues etc). I’m keen to ditch it and replace it with something more reliable, ideally with a long warranty, and suitable for navigating country lanes (which are often icy or flooded) on my 20 mile daily commute. It also needs to be comfy for fortnightly longer motorway drives whilst visiting clients with a tall seating position and plenty of headroom. It needs to be big enough for a Labrador, car seat and boot full of shopping, while being cost-effective to run, too. I could spend around £20k outright or would consider 0% finance. I have no idea where to start so any guidance much appreciated.
Take a look at the latest Ford Puma or Peugeot 2008. Both are really fashionable little crossover SUVs with enough space for your Lab. £20k will get you an as-new pre-registered model of either. Alternatively, if you want to prioritise a long warranty, consider a Kia Stonic or Toyota C-HR.
Answered by Andrew Brady
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