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Honest John Overall Rating
The Jeep Renegade offers a more credible off-road option for those who want or need to head further on unmade roads. All Renegades come with hybrid power, and the more powerful versions are plug-in models that can cover up to 26 miles on battery power alone. Decent to drive and refined, this Jeep is spacious and well screwed together to be an intriguing alternative to a MINI Countryman.

+Small yet impressively spacious SUV. Good quality interior. Refined and quiet even at speed. Usefully large boot and wide opening rear doors.

-Firm and bouncy ride. Below par refinement.

New prices start from £36,500
Insurance Groups are between 8–22
On average it achieves 77% of the official MPG figure

The Jeep Renegade is smaller than anything Jeep has made in recent years. With the explosion in popularity of small SUVs, it comes at a good time. Its chunky and rugged looks stands out from the competition such as the Ford Puma and to some extent the MINI Countryman. Read on for the full review of the Jeep Renegade.

Jeep is keen to highlight its off-road history, labelling the Renegade the only true SUV in the small crossover market. That said, most models sold will likely be the more affordable two-wheel drive mild hybrid model.

There is plenty of classic Jeep influence in the styling of the Renegade, with those recognisable circular headlights and the slotted grille. The interior quality is impressive as Jeep's resurgence continues, and while this is a smaller SUV, it has a solid and good quality feel. It's comfortable too and an impressive car for motorway with little wind noise, despite the rather boxy shape.

What that boxy shape does mean is plenty of interior space with good headroom, especially in the back. The wide opening doors are handy for parents fitting child seats and the interior feels robust enough to cope with everyday family life.

It drives well with responsive steering and a surprising agility in corners. It has an enjoyable character that's hard not to like and although the ride is overly firm and at times bouncy, the Renegade gets a lot right and very little wrong. Aside from the two-wheel drive models there are also 4x4 versions which come with plug-in electric power.

With a tight turning circle and a raised driving position the Renegade has all the qualities needed to rival the current crop of crossovers and small SUVs. And while the looks might not be to everyone's tastes (it looks better in the metal than in photographs) the fact it has a Jeep badge gives it plenty of kudos and the standard of the interior helps make it feel a class above much of the competition.

The engine range has been revised, so now there's a mild hybrid 1.5 litre model with 130PS and front-wheel drive. Or, you can have a 1.3-litre plug-in hybrid that has four-wheel drive and a choice of 190- or 240PS.

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Ask Honest John

We live in an area that often floods - what car do you recommend?

"We live in a deeply rural area that often suffers from flooding. While we don't really need a 4X4 we would like a car that we have some confidence can get through some surface water up to perhaps 12 inches. Can you suggest a car with a high-level air intake so as to avoid as much as possible the danger of taking water into the engine? "
We can't recommend any traditional lower cars for your needs as a wading depth is not specified, meaning it is unclear whether the air intake design leaves them at risk of engine flooding. We can only recommend going to an SUV and checking the wading depth. Most (but not all) SUVs have a wading depth of over 15 inches so will satisfy your needs. The Volvo XC40 and Jeep Renegade are examples of smaller SUVs that are capable of wading up to 17 inches.
Answered by Lawrence Allan

My Jeep Renegade went into limp mode - can I reject the car?

"I purchased a 2016 Jeep Renegade from a Jeep dealer four days ago and used my car as part exchange. Today is day four and the car accelerator stopped working making me drive in limp mode. Obviously I'm not happy after only four days - can I get a full refund? There were no fault codes on the car that came up when it happened so I can't prove this fault occurred."
You will not be able to reject the car if it is not showing any symptoms of a fault. That said, following your limp home mode experience, I would expect the dealership to inspect the car in its workshop and perform a diagnostics check. This should pinpoint the fault, giving you the right to reject the car within the first 30 days of ownership, as per the 2015 Consumer Rights Act:
Answered by Dan Powell

My new car was delivered in bad condition - can I reject it?

"I bought a new Jeep Renegade via Carwow. Firstly, it was driven to my home, from the dealer, which I have since noted is some 240 miles away. This was never discussed. Bad enough but it the actual mileage was 323 on delivery. Secondly, the driver had been smoking. I took the car out to get fuel as it was delivered empty and the smell started making me feel sick. My husband saw the car and not only smelled the smoke but pointed out the ash in the drivers seat and where the ash had been flicked out of the window. On closer inspection it was evident he had put food in the cup holder, leaving pastry and a sticky mess. I've asked them to come take the car away and have not driven it since I brought it home from the garage (20 mile round trip). They offered to pick it up and valet it but there are other issues such as a wonky dealer stick put on the paintwork and bumps on the dashboard as though screws underneath are close to the surface. I am sickened by all of this. Getting a new car is meant to be exciting. Am I within my rights to tell them to pick it up and refund me? Should I cancel my DDM? A reasonable sized deposit was paid, the balance financed. I have rejected the offer to repair but feel I am being mucked about a week since delivery. The Finance company has been told of the issues. I didn't get the original model I opted for so not exactly sure what discount I got. I can see that 17 plate Renegades for less than I paid already available for sale...albeit "pre-owned" I have read purchase warnings on those!!! I copied Car Wow into my complaint to the Dealer. They have remained silent on the matter. Such a huge disappointment."
That's disgusting. And you should put in a complaint to Carwow. But you obviously bought it via Carwow to get a massive discount on it. So, by attempting to reject it [from the dealer, rather than CarWow] at this juncture, you might cut off your nose to spite your face. Think carefully. UPDATE: Carwow has now responded to this as follows: "Our Customer Service team have discussed the issues with the customer to clarify the situation. On doing so, the relevant Account Manager for Jeep has been liaising with the dealer in question. The current situation is that the dealer is collecting the customer's car, via vehicle transporter, to assess the condition of the vehicle and valet and/or repair as required. The dealer is also offering a goodwill gesture to the customer for the inconvenience. Hopefully this will lead to a positive resolution from an unfortunately poor delivery experience. I would expect the customer to advise as/when they are happy with the resolution."
Answered by Honest John

What do you recommend when buying a reliable, family-friendly car?

"I am finally about to trade in my Renault Scenic, which for all its manufacturing faults has served my family well. Which car is the most reliable and more family friendly to replace my Scenic - the Skoda Yeti or Jeep Renegade?"
The Skoda Yeti is now an old model about to be replaced and, unless in very expensive, full four wheel drive version, the Renegade is not very good. If you want a VAG car, think SEAT Ateca: and If you want a commodious car, go for the new model Peugeot 3008:
Answered by Honest John
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