Alfa Romeo Giulia Review 2024

Alfa Romeo Giulia At A Glance

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Alfa Romeo has come close to small executive saloon greatness. The Giulia is the Italian firm’s most recent attempt to unsettle Audi, BMW and Mercedes.

+More likely to attract admiring glances than a BMW 3 Series or Audi A4, even the diesel is good to drive.

-Interior feels cheap.

New prices start from £43,259
Insurance Groups are between 22–46
On average it achieves 74% of the official MPG figure

With an emphasis on driving fun, the Giulia has a firmer ride than many of its key contenders that appeals, but the cabin quality is not up to the same standard as its Teutonic rivals. It’s also let down by details such as the mediocre infotainment system. 

It’s a strong effort though thanks to the Giulia’s undeniably good looks and a range of engines that appeals from everyone from company car high-miler to out-and-out performance fans.

The Alfa Romeo Giulia certainly looks the part. It's aggressive, sleek and distinctive. What's more, on paper at least, there is a Giulia for everyone, with the range encompassing everything from efficient diesels to supercar munching V6 petrols.

As you might expect, the diesels will dominate the sales, with the majority of Giulias being aimed at fleets and family buyers.

Like all rear-wheel drive Alfas, the Giulia is very much geared towards driving pleasure, with firm suspension, responsive steering and a torque packed engine. The four-cylinder unit is all-new and produces a considerable 450Nm from 1750rpm.

Claimed economy is impressive - which is good news for company car drivers. Officially, the diesel Giulia will return more than 65mpg which is on par with its rivals. All 2.2 diesels get an eight-speed torque converter automatic gearbox as standard, which delivers power to the rear-wheels with smooth precision, making it easy to take advantage of the Giulia's grippy and balanced chassis. 

The fit and finish of the cabin isn't as good as German rivals, but it's an improvement over previous Alfa Romeos.

The infotainment isn't anywhere near as advanced as those found in a BMW, Audi or Mercedes-Benz. A 6.5-inch screen is mounted in the dash and, while it is clear enough to read on the go, the graphics look blocky and dated. We'd fork out the extra £300 required for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as a way of avoiding Alfa's own infotainment system.

Space is reasonable, with enough room for four adults at a push. The boot's good, with 480 litres - although a shallow boot opening can make fitting bulky items in tricky and only the higher-spec models get drop-down rear seats.

That's not to say you should dismiss the Alfa Romeo Giulia outright. It has some very likeable traits that make it a genuine alternative to the mainstay of otherwise bland looking upmarket saloons. We should also point out that the Giulia boasts superb handling.

Ask Honest John

Is there anything interesting second hand to buy you'd recommend?

"Showrooms and forecourts are dreary places these days - like looking for a washing machine. No SUV's or EV's or diesels please but is there anything used, reasonably aerodynamic but interesting/ less common for about £15,000. It needs to cover 5 hour drives in comfort. Thank you for any inspiration."
How about a Mazda 6? It's a very comfortable, left-field saloon (or estate) car that's great to drive and very comfortable on long journeys. Alternatively, look for an Alfa Romeo Giulia or Volvo S90. The budget might need stretching for these but they're very desirable premium saloon cars that are a bit different to the usual German competitors.
Answered by Andrew Brady

The battery on my new car keeps going flat - what could be the problem?

"I have a 2018 Alfa Romeo Giulia with 8000 miles on the clock. The car was running fine until the end of October, but I parked it in a garage overnight for around 11 hours and the next morning the battery was totally flat. Roadside Assist was called out and confirmed the battery was totally flat, but a quick boost and the car started no bother. The same thing happened a second time so I took it to a dealer the next day but they could not find any faults. The battery was checked and is holding a full charge. Any ideas?"
It would appear that you have a parasitic drain (i.e some circuits are live even though the car is switched off). Given the age of the vehicle and the fact it's still under warranty, we would go back to the dealership and get them to carry out a parasitic drain test.
Answered by Alan Ross

What's the best polish to use?

"I have just purchased the new Alfa Romeo Giulia in the Alfa red. In your opinion, what's the best polish to use?"
Do not use polish at all. Polish shines by cutting off the oxidised surface of the paint. Use wax that sits on top of the paint. I recommend Autoglym High Def wax.
Answered by Honest John
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