Most reliable car brands 2024

Cars are expensive, so it pays to ensure that you're spending your cash on something reliable. A new car that looks shiny in a showroom will lose its lustre if it leaves you stranded on a hard shoulder in the rain.

It's one of the reasons why we launched the Honest John Satisfaction Index. Every year, thousands of owners are asked to rate their car in several important areas, including reliability. Although we can't guarantee that a car won't let you down, you stand a better chance of success if you opt for a car built by one of the following manufacturers.

The scores are out of 10.

 Most reliable car brands



Reliability average score: 9.89

Lexus builds the most reliable cars, according to the results of the latest Honest John Satisfaction Index. This is the fourth year running the SUV and hybrid specialist has been rated as the UK's best car brand for reliability, while its average score of 9.89 is the highest ever recorded in the history of the Satisfaction Index. If you need a reliable car, you probably want a Lexus. 

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Reliability average score: 9.75

It's a strong performance from Suzuki with a reliability score of 9.75 out of 10. The Swift was the standout performer for Suzuki in this year's Index, with drivers giving high scores for build quality and reliability. The Vitara was also praised as a dependable SUV, which provided Suzuki with the second highest average for reliability in the Honest John Satisfaction Index. 

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Reliability average score: 9.72 

Subaru has always had a good reputation for build quality, but the Japanese car brand secures its status as one of the very best with a reliability average of 9.72 in the latest Honest John Satisfaction Index. Popular with 4x4 enthusiasts and family SUV buyers, Subaru is a dependable car brand that won't let you down when it comes to reliability. 

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Reliability average score: 9.70

Toyota's range of cars and commercial vehicles have a legendary reputation for reliability. If you are looking for a dependable used car then look no further than the Auris – it was one of the best performer in the latest Honest John Satisfaction Index for reliability with a model average of 9.86 out of 10. The RAV4 also made it into the top 10 most reliable cars, while the Corrolla Touring Sports was also praised.

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Reliability average score: 9.68

If you have high expectations from low-cost cars then Dacia will be your perfect match. Renault's budget brand has a strong reputation for build quality, with its average score of 9.68 putting some of Dacia's pricier rivals to shame. The latest Duster was rated as one of the UK's most reliable cars, while the Sandero also performs strongly. 

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Reliability average score: 9.56

Honda is a regular in the top 10 best car brands for reliability, which supports the common view that the Japanese car industry builds the world's most durable vehicles. Honda improves its average score from 9.51 last year to 9.56, with high rankings for modern and older models. All generations of the Honda Civic perform strongly, while the Jazz and CR-V are also ranked highly for build quality and longevity. 

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Reliability average score: 9.56

Few car brands can match Kia for value. Not only do you get a generously equipped car with a seven-year/ 100,000-mile warranty, but you also get peace of mind with Kia being one of the best car brands for reliability. The XCeed is the standout performer, ranked as the UK's third most reliable car, while the Niro and e-Niro are also praised for their excellent build quality. 

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Reliability average score: 9.53

Mazda's position in the top 10 best car brands for reliability is driven mostly by the excellent CX-3 and MX-5 - with both getting positive ratings for build quality. The CX-5 and Mazda 2 are also marked out for excellent reliability while ageing models like the Mazda 6 are less impressive when it comes to owner feedback. 

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Reliability average score: 9.52

Affordable, reliable and sold with a five-year unlimited mileage warranty, Hyundai is a car brand that majors on value. The Tucson SUV is one of the UK's most reliable cars while the Ioniq and Kona Electric also feature in the top 10 best cars for owner satisfaction.

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Reliability average score: 9.52

Gone but not forgotten, Mitsubishi continues to impress used car buyers and existing owners with steadfast reliability and build quality. The Japanese car and pick-up specialist exited the UK vehicle market in 2021 but there are still thousands of models on the road, something that will continue for some time yet. 

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Ask HJ

I want a durable and reliable car - what do you suggest?

I will be in the market for a nearly new car soon. I want something reliable and long-lasting. I drive a Ford Mondeo at present but would like a smaller car. A manual petrol preferably - any ideas?
A Honda Civic. It will be as practical as your Ford Mondeo and very reliable.
Answered by Andrew Brady
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