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Skoda Octavia At A Glance

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Skoda has made this Octavia more upmarket than before yet it's still as practical and comfortable as ever. The quality shines through while it remains great value for money when compared with the competition. It may not be that exciting but the Octavia is an ideal family car.

+Extremely comfortable with excellent ride quality. Great practicality and a large boot. Even better quality inside than its predecessor. Impressive all-rounder.

-Aside from the vRS quite dull to drive. Jury is still out on the infotainment system.

New prices start from £21,215
On average it achieves 0% of the official MPG figure

List all the qualities you want in a family car and we expect the Skoda Octavia will tick them all. Cheap to run, comfortable, well equipped and with lots of space, it's the blueprint for what a good family car should be. Compare it with the competition and it's incredibly good value too, yet with a high quality interior and plenty of tech, this has the feel of a premium car.

With the addition of the Golf-sized Skoda Scala to its model line-up, Skoda has been able to move the Octavia more upmarket, which you'll notice as soon as you get behind the wheel.

Slap a Volkswagen badge on the steering wheel and you wouldn't bat an eyelid, so good is the finish inside. In fact (and whisper this) we actually prefer the Octavia to the latest Volkswagen Golf, so long the benchmark for quality among hatchbacks.

Of course, Skoda hasn't rewritten the rule book here. It already had a very solid starting point with the previous (and hugely popular) Skoda Octavia. And while this one may not look that different, it's improved over the old model in every key area.

And that interior is one of those key areas. Being a Skoda this is still a very practical family car of course.

It has loads of space inside, an enormous 600-litre boot that's even bigger than before and is full of storage bins, big door pockets and Skoda's 'Simply Clever' features such as an umbrella hidden in either front door - something borrowed from the bigger Skoda Superb. Only the glitchy infotainment system lets it down.

Then there's the refinement. Thanks to a superbly smooth ride and little in the way of noise or vibration making its way into the cabin, the Skoda Octavia is a serene and relaxing car to while away long journeys in. There's nothing this size (and price) that rides so well.

Being a Skoda it's also cheap to run and all the engines will do at least 50mpg (according to official figures anyway) plus there's also a new PHEV version badged the Skoda Octavia iV that can cover up to 40 miles on battery power. Ideal for the school run.

Don't get us wrong, it's still a very good value for money car with prices starting £21,500 for the entry-level Skoda Octavia SE 1.0 TSI 110PS. Not only is that less than the cheapest Golf but the Skoda comes very well equipped for that money.

So while Skoda hasn't reinvented the wheel, it's made the Octavia better all around - and indeed made it a better all-rounder. If you want an affordable family car - step right this way.

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Ask Honest John

My brand new Skoda has a gearbox issue, should I reject it?

"We picked up our Skoda Octavia iV estate 3 weeks ago (after an eighteen month wait) and it looks like it has a gear box problem - it’s gone back to the dealership today and we’re awaiting full diagnostics. If it’s a major gearbox issue should we reject the car?"
Given the age of your vehicle we would expect the dealer to make an effective repair, and although rejecting the vehicle is an option in order to do so you would need to give the dealer at least one opportunity to correct the fault. We would suggest keeping all correspondance should you need to reject the vehicle, but you also have time on your side as the fault has occurred so soon after delivery.
Answered by David Ross

I want to buy a new Skoda Octavia but I don't want keyless entry

"I am looking at buying a new Skoda Octavia, their is no choice but to buy one with keyless entry. Looking at all the car thefts it is obvious that keyless entry is a contributing factor. How does the Octavia rate in the security table, secure or non secure and why after spending nearly £30,000 on a new car should I then have to spend another £10 on a faraday bag? it doesn't make sense."
The Skoda Octavia offers the option to deactivate keyless entry on a temporary or permanent basis, either through the touchscreen menu or via a sequence using the key and the door handle. Both procedures are explained in the vehicle handbook.
Answered by David Ross

Best medium-sized petrol hybrid under £30,000?

"I'm looking to buy a new, medium-sized petrol hybrid for under £30,000. I've tried a Toyota Corolla and the new Honda Civic, both are good. Are there any other cars I should consider before making a decision?"
We're assuming you're not looking at a plug-in hybrid, but a 'self-charging' hybrid instead? There aren't many more medium-sized hybrid hatchbacks to choose from, but the Peugeot 308, Vauxhall Astra and Skoda Octavia iV are well worth considering as plug-ins. Another hybrid car to consider is the new Kia Niro.
Answered by Lawrence Allan

What's the best hatchback for comfort?

"What is the most comfortable hatchback?"
Citroen does comfort pretty well - the Citroen C4 could be a good choice. Alternatively we'd recommend a Skoda Octavia or Toyota Corolla.
Answered by Andrew Brady
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