Ford Fiesta (2000 – 2002) Review

Ford Fiesta (2000 – 2002) At A Glance


+1995 Fiesta faclifted. Retained much improved handling and decent engines.

-Same rust prone body as previous two Fiestas. Bigger front seats leave less back seat room. Avoid pushrod 1.3.

Facelift of 1995 Fiesta.

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Replacing auxiliary drive belt on diesel Fiesta
"I have a 2001 Ford Fiesta with a 1.8 diesel engine. The auxiliary belt has snapped and I am trying to replace it. However, I'm struggling with the routing of the belt - I've got it in what looks to be the right place but the belt is far too long. Can anyone confirm the correct belt fitment."
We have attached some links that may be useful dependent on whether you have PAS etc.
Answered by Alan Ross
How do I fix my overheating Ford Fiesta?
"I have had the water pump and thermostat in my 2002 Ford Fiesta replaced, but the water is over heating and coming out of the tank on top of the engine. "
Could be that the radiator fan temp sensor/sender switch is stuck and not switching on the fan. Replace it.
Answered by Honest John
Ford Fiesta parcel shelf replacement
"I need a new parcel shelf for my Ford Fiesta (2000-2002 model), will a parcel shelf from a Fiesta 2002-2008 fit?"
No. It's a completely different car.
Answered by Honest John
Water coolant leak. Leak identified but unsure of how to fix it.
"I have discovered a coolant leak from my 2000W Fiesta Finesse after hearing hissing. After a few days i've now identified the leak. I'm no expert with engines so i'm unsure as to the actual location name. It is not the coolant box or the hoses it is the main body where you check the oil and dipstick. There is a circular medal size shape at the right hand side facing the hoses, with a pinhead sized hole which squirts out water when you turn the engine on. Not too much at once is leaking but what is the location is this the head gasket? Is there a way to repair this like something to 'paint' over it to repair it? Or maybe use something like Radweld?"
From your description I think you are describing a "cylinder block core plug". That will need to be removed and replaced.
Answered by Honest John
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