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Top 10: Best-selling cars in June

New car registrations fell by a third in June, with one in five dealerships remaining closed due to the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic after they were given the green light to reopen in England on 1 June.

Official data from the SMMT show that 145,377 new cars were registered in the UK during the month - 78,044 fewer than June 2019. 

These are the top 10 new cars registered in June, according to the SMMT.

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Vauxhall Corsa - 4528 registrations

The Corsa is cheap to run, well-equipped and easy to drive (plus, there's an electric model now too). No wonder they're so common in UK roads. But, while Vauxhall's latest incarnation is the best Corsa yet, it still can’t match better rivals - like the Ford Fiesta and SEAT Ibiza. Yet, it topped the list of most registered model last month.

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Cornish Jimbob    on 6 July 2020

Not surprising, the service from dealers is shocking, they couldn't give a f*** about customers. Buying a new car is a painful experience.

   on 6 July 2020

Is it fact that what was GM Europe now owned by the French Motor industry liberally subsidised by the French Government allows keen pricing helping to close more deals for French brands? Italians had similar arrangement- remember all those 0% APR offers on Fiats.

Appears to be an over supply throughout a falling market presently- why hurry the buying decision in these conditions? 2nd hand cars holding their prices too if we believe all we read. Summer holidays resuming now also. Fuel prices increasing, all adds to seasonal cyclical drag on turnover in Showrooms. Autumn will be interesting!

flumff    on 7 July 2020

Amazing how VW can treat their customers with complete contempt,
with false emission figures. But the public still buy VW cars.

Who couldnt careless the most?

conman    on 11 July 2020

If you do not buy cars built in the UK we will have no car manufacturing left, with 10,000's on the dole. France looks after it's workers, Spain looks after it's workers, Italy looks after it's workers etc UK government doesn't give a s*** and forks out billions of taxpayers money in benefits. Just think the difference all that money would make invested in manufacturing, ensuring a future for our children and our childrens' children.

It's about time the government started to turn the economy around from a service industry to a manufacturing base. Do you really need apprenticeships for McDonalds, Costa, Starbucks etc.

Think before you buy this car it's not built in the UK despite having a Vauxhall badge.

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