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Top 10: Used SUVs for £5000

A good second hand SUV will give you a large cabin, spacious boot, proven off road ability and, if you're bothered about this sort of thing, a gargantuan chunk of on-road presence. Click the gallery below to discover the UK's best 10 bargain SUVs. 

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Honda CR-V

If you want a used SUV then the Honda CR-V should be a front-runner. There still isn't much that can match the functional quality of the CR-V's interior, while its reliability record is excellent. The 2.2 i-CTDi is the one to go for, and although at this money you're generally looking an eight to 10 10-year-old model with anything between 80,000 and 120,000 miles, it's possible to find a well cared for example with plenty of life left. 

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anthony bowers    on 5 April 2017

never a mention of the best 4x4 which also was voted the best caravan clubs tow-car for 3 or 4 years the 2003-9 Kia sorento automatic 2.5 diesel, i still have mine runs beautifull over the year (every year) ave MPG 26.5 thats solo and towing a caravan, over the last 4 years oil @filter change (every 6000 miles) and of coa*** tyres 4 of, and still looks like new.

robin AINSWORTH    on 24 April 2018

or a mitsubishi shogun- 3.2 auto , elegance under £4000 with cheap tax. best tow vehicle (3.5tonnes) in its class. a proper 4x4 with rear-diff lock. leather, heated seats.etc etc

   on 3 June 2018

i've a friend traded his volvo estate for a sorento....he claims biggest pile o crap he ever bought..i totally agree..the mitsubishi is up there with the best of them

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