I have retained my vehicle after it was declared a Cat N - do I need to tell the DVLA?

I have agreed to retain the salvage of my vehicle after it was declared a total loss category N. The third party insurers have paid out the agreed settlement figure. I am going to use the money to repair the damage to my vehicle and put it through an MoT. Do I need to inform the DVLA? And do I need to declare the category N status in future when applying for car insurance? I bought the car on finance PCP so do I need to inform my finance company that the car is now category N?

Asked on 29 April 2024 by John Hall

Answered by Louise Thomas
Yes to all of the above. As the car is on a finance agreement, you should let them know before you carry out any work. This is because they’re still the legal owners of the vehicle. Letting them know as soon as possible means they can decide on the next steps, which may even include helping you to clear your outstanding balance. But it’s worth having a conversation with them first to see what your options are.
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