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I have agreed to retain the salvage of my vehicle after it was declared a total loss category N. The third party insurers have paid out the agreed settlement figure. I am going to use the money to repair...
How do I insure my car for drivers testing the car when buying?
I'm joining the Motability scheme - should I cancel or suspend my current insurance policy to protect my NCD incase I become ineligible for the scheme and have to buy my own car? With recent Insurance...
I am over 80 and a very experienced driver but my recent quotes from mainstream insurance companies have more than doubled my quotes. My main car is a BMW 330e and I have a Mercedes SLK for summer use...
Is there any way one can get the 'free' courtesy car offer removed from a quote? Questions are asked about access to other vehicles. If you have access this usually implies that mobility is not totally...
My insurance premium has doubled in 12 months, for a Toyota Touring 2.0 Hybrid. I am 74, with 57 years driving and a clean licence, as well as being an IAM member. The premium for a friend who also drives...
To insure our Fiat 500C last year was £209 but this year the lowest quote anywhere is £354. That's with no changes or claims. Please can you explain this 70% increase?
My son is a named driver on my car insurance policy, but the DVLA has stopped my driving licence as I had a medical problem following an accident. Is my car insurance still valid?
Can a no-claims bonus run out? I sold my car 18 months ago and I'm still waiting for its replacement to arrive. What will happen if I don't take out a new policy in the next 12 months?
I have been banned from driving for several months. My insurance policy has my wife registered as a secondary driver, can she drive the vehicle without having to change or inform the insurance company?

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